2011 Esri International User Conference

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Of the hundreds of thousands of Esri users around the globe, each July, about 14,000 of them gain considerable professional advantage by attending the Esri International User Conference (Esri UC) in San Diego, California. As the largest event in the world devoted to GIS technology, Esri UC offers unmatched opportunities to learn from experts and peers and to keep up to date with the latest innovations and practices.

photo of San Diego Convention Center concourse

The Esri User Conference attracts Esri users from more than 100 countries.

"I've been to 15 Esri User Conferences in a row," said Drew Stephens, director of the GIS Institute. "Each one is different, yet the ongoing theme of support for the Esri GIS community and inspiration for us to take home is always there."

Esri UC is designed to let users choose from among a broad range of GIS sessions and events to create learning and networking experiences that meet their specific needs. The agenda includes 275 expert-led technical sessions at all levels, over 600 user presentations, and more than 100 user group meetings focused on specific regions or industries.

These offerings are framed by opening and closing plenary sessions that bring attendees together for an inspiring overview of the power and potential of GIS today. Plenary sessions showcase the latest capabilities of ArcGIS, innovative implementations of GIS around the world, and insights from world-class keynote speakers.

Perhaps the most extraordinary aspect of Esri UC is its ability to demonstrate the worldwide impact of GIS. This event attracts Esri users from over 100 countries and from every industry.

"This is an incredible gathering of innovative thinkers, with opportunities to connect with and build collaborations with people in fields that otherwise might not realize their collaborative potential," said Ann Mayo-Kiely of Alaska Geographic after the 2010 Esri UC. "People from urban planning, conservation, science, and education fields connected and shared ideas about how their technology and innovative use of GIS may cross disciplines in unexpected ways."

Between sessions, Esri UC features an abundance of less structured events. Attendees can stop by the GIS Solutions EXPO to find products and services to meet their needs, visit the Esri Showcase to learn about the latest products and get one-on-one assistance, or browse the Map Gallery to see hundreds of examples of Esri users' work.

Additional offerings include a series of preconference technical seminars held the weekend before Esri UC begins, five-minute GIS Lightning Talks on Monday afternoon, and a Managers' Open Summit that brings together GIS managers to share experiences and advice.

Amid this busy, information-packed week, attendees can enjoy San Diego and socialize with fellow GIS professionals at a variety of events. Highlights include the Map Gallery Opening Reception on Monday evening, Family Night for attendees and their families on Wednesday, and a themed outdoor party at the Thursday Night Celebration.

Feedback from first-time attendees is unanimous: Esri UC is inspiring, informative, and essential for any GIS professional. Here's what some Esri users had to say about their first Esri UC experience in 2010:

More About Esri UC

This conference is for all Esri GIS users and will be held July 11–15. Get the latest 2011 Esri UC news at and subscribe to the UC Blog. You may qualify for complimentary registration as part of your organization's Esri software maintenance program. To find out, call 909-793-2853, extension 1-1363, or visit

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