ArcGIS for Local Government

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The ArcGIS 10 Infrastructure Network Editing Toolbar is for managing water, sewer, and storm water utility data. It is an editor that can be used by mapping technicians in a water utility, sewer authority, or public works department.

Esri has long shared a vision that GIS can integrate information between local government departments, increasing communication, creating efficiencies, and providing the basis for collaboration and more informed decisions. At the heart of this vision is the recognition that local governments share common challenges and workflows. By using GIS, these departments can harmonize workflows.

Esri has recently developed a series of maps and apps to help local governments rapidly deploy useful GIS implementations structured around services delivered to their citizens. These maps and apps help local governments configure and use ArcGIS in their organizations.

The Local Government Resource Center

The ArcGIS Local Government Resource Center is the place to easily find and download maps and apps. These resources are free and easy to download for local use. They are organized around the work commonly done by local governments and help manage data, visualize trends, and publish great web maps.

The resource center allows users to share their work with other community participants and communicate with peers, partners, and Esri. Blogs provide implementation steps, best practices, and other information that help implement ArcGIS and enable collaboration with others.

Local Government Maps and Apps

The maps and apps on the Resource Center are organized around common local government workflows. They help users configure ArcGIS to support specific business functions in the following areas:

When a local government downloads any application, it receives several things that help it deploy these apps in the organization, including

Participating in the ArcGIS Local Government Community

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The Local Government Gallery from the ArcGIS Resource Center.

Participation in the ArcGIS local government community is easy. Simply visit the website and start using the shared resources. Any local government can download the maps and apps from this online community, deploy them in its organization, and share results with other local government users. In addition, local governments can share feedback through one of the blogs and communicate directly on Twitter. Feedback and communication among local government GIS organizations will help shape the future of GIS in this community.

Esri will continue to add new maps and apps to the Resource Center. In addition, we will continue to provide patterns and best practices that help local governments configure ArcGIS in a simple and sustainable way.

Esri invites users to join this local government community and download the maps and apps. Participation will help local governments everywhere deliver more efficient services and interact with their constituencies in more meaningful ways.

For more information, visit the Local Government Resource Center or contact Scott Oppmann, Esri (e-mail:

See also "The Local Government Resource Center" poster.

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