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Esri T-shirts Around the World

Kevin Mayall
Kevin Mayall, Esri consultant partner in Bermuda, says, "I ran my first marathon here in Bermuda. My Esri race shirt from the 2010 User Conference remained comfortable for 4 hours, 38 minutes." Here he is at the event finish line on Front Street in Hamilton. Good job!

Marie Cline
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Marie Cline, a graduate student in the Spatial Sciences Laboratory at Texas A&M University, tells us, "Now I'm not normally one to brag on myself, but I have to say anyone can take a picture wearing an Esri T-shirt in Nepal, or Chile, or even Mt. Everest, but it takes quite the courageous, determined, and confident Aggie [a nick name derived from the word "agriculture"] to stand in the student section amongst 31,005 other Fightin' Texas Aggies—with the Aggie logo on her shirt taped over and supporting Esri."

Travelling to a unique location?

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