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ArcGIS Online . . . cloud GIS . . . mobile GIS. They all add up to one conclusion: 2012 is not the year to miss the Esri International User Conference (Esri UC), to be held July 23–27 at the San Diego, California, Convention Center. GIS is experiencing a generational change, and the Esri UC is the best place to find out what that means for you and how you can start making the most of it.

The ArcGIS Island from Esri UC 2011.

The Esri UC is a celebration of geospatial technology. Above is the ArcGIS Island from Esri UC 2011.

Through hundreds of learning and networking opportunities and user presentations, you'll see how the ArcGIS system makes it easier than ever to take advantage of the latest developments so you can extend the use of GIS across your organization and to the public.

See How Your Colleagues Are Using GIS

The Esri UC is your chance to gain valuable insight from the experiences of other GIS professionals. Whether they're from your own industry or in an unrelated field on the other side of the globe, chances are they share many of the same challenges. They must do more with less and meet ever-changing demands while proving the growing value and potential of geospatial technology. You can hear their stories at user presentations or meet one-on-one at user group meetings tailored to your industry or region.

Find All the Solutions You Need Under One Roof

The Esri UC is a celebration of geospatial technology. Today, that involves a host of complementary technologies that bring GIS to a new level, including cloud computing, mobile devices, imagery, and many more IT products and services.

The GIS Solutions EXPO at the Esri UC is the place to find it all. You can connect with leading IT providers and explore their latest offerings, get hands-on training and one-on-one tech support from Esri experts, and meet Esri's industry-specific teams to discuss your work and get advice. These interactions could result in new insights that will take your GIS projects to the next level this year.

Demystify the Cloud

As more and more systems move toward cloud platforms, there could soon be a doubling of GIS users. With increased access to geospatial information, more people can bring geographic insight to their work and make better decisions. The Esri UC will show you how the cloud can help you save time and money; better share geospatial information within and among organizations; provide broader public access through easy-to-use maps and applications; and build online portals to manage, view, and analyze your data. Cloud GIS is evolving quickly, but the Esri UC will help keep you up to speed.

Put GIS in the Palm of Your Hand

The rich geographic insight of GIS is no longer confined to desktops and servers. Today, mobile mapping tools can give field-workers and the public a real-time, spatial view of what's happening so they can take informed action on the spot. The Esri UC will help you gain the skills and best practices you need to take your GIS on the road. You'll see how mobile GIS enables stronger intelligence by integrating crowdsourced data via social media and provides better real-time common operational pictures for situational awareness.

Realize the True Power and Potential of GIS

The Esri UC's 14,000 attendees include representatives from large and small corporations, nonprofit organizations, research institutions, and nearly every government entity you can think of. This amounts to a treasure trove of practical insight. It's also a testament to the fact that almost every kind of undertaking benefits from the power of GIS. From the opening presentation on the main stage to the smallest session room, you'll be inspired by the innovative ways GIS is helping address important issues around the world.

You can't get this comprehensive combination of firsthand information anywhere else. Make sure you're taking full advantage of Esri technology by joining us in San Diego this summer, July 23–27.

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