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Summer 2004
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2004 Sourcebooks and Sourcebook·America With ArcReader

The 2004 editions of the Esri Business Information Solutions (Esri BIS) sourcebook products are now available. These materials contain more than 70 updated demographic variables that book coverinclude spending potential data and business data for every U.S. ZIP Code or county. All of the sourcebook products contain Census 2000 data; 2004 updates; 2009 projections; Community Tapestry segmentation; and core base statistical areas, the new Metropolitan Statistical Area classifications defined by the U.S. Office of Management and Budget. In addition, each printed sourcebook has four pages of demographic data for every U.S. ZIP Code and county, arranged in an easy-to-reference format, along with methodology statements and other important reference information.

The Esri BIS sourcebooks—Community Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics, 18th Edition; Community Sourcebook of County Demographics, 16th Edition; and Community Sourcebook·America With ArcReader CD—are definitive data demographic reference tools used by companies, public agencies, universities, and public libraries. Data from the sourcebooks can be used to evaluate current and potential sites, plan marketing and media campaigns, profile customers, and target best markets.

Included on the CD is demographic data from the printed Community Sourcebook of ZIP Code Demographics and the Community Sourcebook of County Demographics along with proprietary search, sort, book coverand query software. In addition, the ArcReader map display software allows users to view maps created from the data. Adding ArcReader technology to Sourcebook·America allows users to produce presentation quality maps that illustrate key demographic data. Use this mapping format to pan, zoom, identify, and retrieve information about any map feature. The Sourcebook·America With ArcReader CD is filled with the detailed demographic data, such as population, households, families, race, income, and spending potential, that appears in the printed sourcebooks. The Sourcebook·America With ArcReader CD is used by businesses across all industries, universities, and government agencies that need to reference demographic data for U.S. ZIP Codes and counties. The Sourcebook·America With ArcReader CD is also found in the reference sections of many public libraries. Two versions of Sourcebook·America With ArcReader are available:

  • This Sourcebook·America With ArcReader version combines ZIP Code and county information for the entire United States in digital form with query software and ArcReader map display software. Data can be exported from Sourcebook·America for use in GIS software including ArcView 3.3 or ArcGIS.
  • Sourcebook·America With ArcReader plus tract and place data is an enhanced version of the Sourcebook·America CD with data available by census tract or census place for the entire United States along with query software and ArcReader map display software.

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