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Summer 2004
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Announcing ArcGIS Network Analyst

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ArcGIS Network Analyst allows users to calculate service areas consisting of multiple drive-time polygons.

ArcGIS Network Analyst enhances the overall ArcGIS suite of products by adding routing, service area analysis, and the ability to create and manage network data sets. Scheduled for release in fall 2004, ArcGIS Network Analyst is a sophisticated visualization and analysis tool that can be used for simple or complex applications.

ArcGIS Network Analyst is designed for users who need the logical network for their routing and network analysis requirements in modeling realistic network conditions and scenarios. Tools to create and manage sophisticated network data sets and to generate solutions for routing problems, such as path, tour, service area, and closest facility, are provided with the new extension.

ArcGIS Network Analyst will enable ArcView 3.x users to migrate existing Network Analyst software-based applications and data sets to ArcGIS 9. All existing features are incorporated and several are significantly enhanced. The new network data set can be in several format types with the data containing a rich set of attributes available for more sophisticated and realistic routing.

Developers will be able to create applications on top of ArcGIS Network Analyst, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Engine.

New network model features are

  • Support for transportation
  • Richer connectivity and attribute models
  • New work flow model

In addition, the capabilities offered in ArcGIS Network Analyst can be leveraged using the geoprocessing framework or via a toolbar with wizard driven functions.

For more information, visit Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

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