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Summer 2004
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Data, Software, and Services Provided for Users' Needs

Esri Business Partners Offer Comprehensive Range of Solutions

More than 1,600 companies partner with Esri to deliver a variety of value-added services and solutions to the GIS user community worldwide. In each issue of ArcNews, we are proud to highlight a few of these partners and the data, software, and services they provide. For a listing and description of partner offerings, visit


DataMetrix Inc., an MPSI Systems Subsidiary
MPSI/DataMetrix Inc. is an ArcData Publisher Business Partner that provides a selection of street-level data in formats compatible with most Esri software. Key products in the DataMetrix suite are TrafficMetrix and StreetMetrix Plus. StreetMetrix Plus, their street file product, provides street detail for both metropolitan and rural areas. Data includes accurate street networks, demographic variables, lifestyle segmentation data, and more. TrafficMetrix gives users extensive and current traffic count and volume data for routing, trade area analysis, or mathematical modeling.

Election Data Services
Election Data Services, Inc., is a Business Partner that specializes in redistricting, election administration, and the analysis and presentation of census and political data. The data sets it provides are congressional and state legislative district boundary files that work with ArcView. Boundaries include districts for the upper and lower houses of 49 state legislatures, Nebraska's unicameral legislature, and the Council of the District of Columbia.


Utility Asset Management
Utility Asset Management has developed PoleView, a field data collection application using Esri's ArcPad 6 that runs on any Windows CE handheld device and is used to gather joint use data in the field. The application features pulldown menus that validate and track new safety and NESC code violations as well as pole loading and structural analysis criteria and audit data used in joint use management. Benefits of using PoleView include more efficient GPS and field data collection and seamless integration of field data with GIS systems.

Wallingford Software Ltd.
InfoWorks is a multiuser system that gives users access to a range of hydraulic and hydrological models in a GIS environment. InfoWorks allows users to build network models quickly and accurately from GIS data. InfoWorks uses MapObjects and ArcObjects components to display and manipulate mapping layers as a background to water, drainage, and river networks. InfoWorks has complete data exchange capabilities with ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS 8.x, including geodatabases.


Morris P. Hebert, Inc.
Morris P. Hebert, Inc. (MPH), offers client-focused solutions for a variety of industries. The firm's GIS staff has real-world experience working with municipalities, pipeline companies, government agencies, and private businesses in the development and maintenance of their GIS and their data. The GIS staff provides clients with GIS solutions and utilizes ArcGIS, ArcGIS Survey Analyst, ArcSDE, and ArcIMS for a variety of projects and consulting services. Its use of ArcGIS and ArcGIS extensions in projects, such as pipeline route analysis, pipeline integrity, environmental studies, and site location studies, gives MPH an intimate knowledge of the software and its usefulness.

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