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Summer 2004
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Esri T-Shirts Shine in Central America

Alan Flood
Alan Flood

Alan Flood, sewer planner, Water and Sewer Planning, Jacksonville Electric Authority, Jacksonville, Florida, had his picture snapped in front of a Nazarene Church near the village of Aldea Pichec, outside the town of Rabinal, Guatemala. He was there with members of his church to build a relationship between Christian congregations thousands of miles apart and to help build a larger church for a growing congregation. He tells us that he bought the Esri T-shirt just for the trip.

Gustavo Roman
Gustavo Roman and Johanna

Gustavo Roman, GIS coordinator, city of Bryan, Texas, and his wife, Johanna, recently visited an unspoiled southern Pacific coastal area of Nicaragua near the small fishing village of Huehuete in Carazo Province about 30 minutes from the nearest real town. Naturally, they got their priorities right and brought along their Esri T-shirts.


David Adler
David Adler and Amelia

David Adler—a developer with the IBM Spatial Database Technology DB2 Spatial Extender team who offices out of Woodstock, New York—and his daughter, Amelia, dropped everything after last year's Esri International User Conference and spent two weeks in Guatemala and Honduras. This photo was taken in front of one of the stelae at the Copan ruins in Honduras. Note the considerably useful Esri tote bag as well as the colorful Esri T-shirt.

Check out more Esri T-Shirt pictures in the new expanded section below.


Expanded T-Shirts

Bruce Willett
Bruce Willett
Bruce Willett, an independent GIS consultant, worked with the Vietnam Veterans of America Foundation in Liberia for the United Nations (UN) Humanitarian Information Center. He worked with the local GIS-staffed Flora and Fauna International. We are happy to say that he remembered to bring along his Esri T-shirt! In the background is the compound of the UN Development Program on Mambo Point, Monrovia.
Joseph J. Kerski
Joseph J. Kerski
Joseph J. Kerski, Ph.D., geographer for the United States Geological Survey, Denver, Colorado, was buried by his wife and kids at Virginia Beach, Virginia. They certainly got their priorities right, framing his Esri T-shirt front and center. (One can't help but notice that Bruce and Joseph posed in the same T-shirt!)

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