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Summer 2005
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New Symbology and Editing Tools

ArcPad 7 Adds Many New Features to Enhance Mobile GIS Applications

ArcPad is the world's leading software package for mobile GIS and field mapping applications. It provides mapping, GIS, and GPS integration to field users via handheld and mobile devices. At version 7, ArcPad expands the capabilities of mobile GIS applications with new features that dramatically improve the productivity of working with spatial data in the field.

  ArcPad 7 screenshot
ArcPad 7 includes enhancements such as advanced editing tools, support for ArcGIS symbology, and a sketch tool.

For more than five years, Esri's ArcPad has provided field-based personnel with the ability to capture, store, update, manipulate, analyze, and display geographic information. ArcPad 7 offers enhancements that expand the scope of how GIS can be used in the field. New features include

  • Support for ArcGIS symbology and style sheets
  • Quicker access and loading of spatial data
  • Advanced editing tools, including offsets, repeated features, segmented line features, and snapping
  • Support for laser range finders
  • Sketch tool for freehand marking on maps and making notes
  • Support for integrated cameras
  • Usability enhancements that streamline connecting a GPS and creating custom input forms
  • Support for new raster data formats: JPEG 2000, TIFF, and GIF

As a mobile component of ArcGIS, ArcPad integrates with desktop and server GIS technologies to allow field edits to be incorporated into a geodatabase through disconnected editing. ArcPad 7 has many new features that support the rich use of GIS data from ArcGIS in the field. These include support for ArcGIS symbology, style sheets, and georeferencing image data from ArcGIS. ArcPad 7 augments spatial data by integrating digital photos and freehand sketches/notes as part of the GIS data collection process.

ArcPad is designed for organizations wanting to expand the benefits of GIS from the office to workers in the field. Enabling field-workers with ArcPad allows for more productive and accurate GIS data collection through validated data collection forms and input from a GPS. Immediate access to GIS data and tools also enhances users' ability to make critical decisions in the field.

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