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Summer 2005
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Business Analyst Online—Now with 2005/2010 Data and More Capabilities

Business Analyst Online is a commercial Web server version of several of the key functions of ArcGIS Business Analyst. This "pay-per-view" and "subscription" service delivers extensive business, demographic, and consumer information through a user-friendly Web site ( Commercial businesses, economic development agencies, real estate professionals, retailers, and restaurants are among the users that have incorporated Business Analyst Online into their daily business processes.

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For demographic maps, the user chooses from a list of the 30 most popular variables such as median household income.

These clients demand the most accurate, current data from this online solution. To meet this requirement, Esri's demographic 2005/2010 estimates and forecasts were updated to the site in May 2005. The annual demographic updates include characteristics of population, households, and housing—such as age, sex, income, net worth, home value, and labor force statistics, among others. The updates provide current-year and five-year projections.

In addition to the data variables mentioned above, new elements in the 2005/2010 demographic updates include

  • Count Question Resolution revisions incorporated in Census 2000 counts of population and housing units are integrated in the 2005/2010 forecasts.
  • U.S. ZIP Codes were updated to November 2004.
  • Latest revisions to Core Based Statistical Areas were released in March 2005. Changes include two new Micropolitan Statistical Areas: Bonham, Texas (Fannin County), and Culpeper, Virginia (Culpeper County).
  • Congressional districts were updated for the 109th Congress.

For more than 30 years, the Esri data development team has crafted data methodologies, such as the demographic update, segmentation, diversity index, and Retail MarketPlace, that are now industry benchmarks. Before the annual updates are released, the data development team carefully examines and tests each data variable as part of its rigorous quality control procedures.

The new capabilities in the latest release of Business Analyst Online are a direct response to customer feedback. Presentation-quality maps are now available for standard geographies, such as U.S. ZIP Codes, states, and counties. Markets can also be defined by census tracts, Designated Market Areas, Core Based Statistical Areas, places, county subdivisions, and congressional districts.

With the latest release, Premium subscribers can quickly produce large numbers of maps for projects. Only a few points and clicks are needed to create presentation-quality maps of sites, trade areas, economic development zones, and other areas. The maps can be shaded to represent the demographics of the underlying households, populations, and businesses.

Business Analyst Online displays the data categories, break points, and labels based on variable recommendations from Esri's data experts. Editing is easy—users can just adjust the categories, break points, and labels until the map portrays the desired results. Other map layers can be turned on or off as needed, such as highways, lakes, and shaded relief. Interactive thematic mapping is included in the Premium subscription and as an option in the Thematic Mapping add-on.

Subscribers to Business Analyst Online tend to accumulate many project files over time. To facilitate project file organization, Business Analyst Online users now can easily sort projects by name or the date they were accessed and delete multiple projects quickly and easily. With the latest release, reports and maps are delivered in a single Adobe PDF document for faster and easier downloading and printing. This saves time and makes it simple to share with others.

Agencies, companies, and organizations frequently use Business Analyst Online data reporting and mapping for multiple marketing applications, including

  • Analyzing trade areas
  • Identifying new store locations
  • Targeting direct mail
  • Evaluating competitors

Easy to use, convenient, and always accessible, Business Analyst Online features include

  • Detailed 2005/2010 U.S. demographic data
  • Revealing segmentation data from Community Tapestry
  • Comprehensive consumer behavior data, such as consumer expenditures, market potential, and retail sales
  • National aerial photo, satellite imagery coverage
  • Site maps enhanced with shaded relief
  • Fast ordering and retrieval of trade area reports
  • Subscription and la carte ordering options

Capabilities can be customized with an organization's look and feel. This allows agencies, companies, and organizations to take advantage of online reporting and mapping without the added responsibility for data and Web site maintenance. My Business Analyst Online is a simple, reliable, and affordable solution that provides

  • Application setup and hosting by Esri
  • Secure logins
  • The organization's brand on every page, report, and map
  • Customization options for the user interface, work flow, reports, and maps

For more information about the reports and maps from Business Analyst Online, visit

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