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Summer 2005
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Real-Time GIS Supported with Tracking Server—Now Available

Tracking Server is a new solution for collecting and sending near real-time data from many data sources and formats to Web and desktop clients. It was developed by Northrop Grumman to enable the integration of real-time data with GIS. This integration helps users make better decisions and share information quickly, easily, and efficiently.

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The ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension is acting as a client to Tracking Server. Playback capabilities are being used to analyze hurricane data.

With Tracking Server, users can perform such activities as tracking vehicles, natural resources, and network flows for electricity and gas and looking at traffic flows.

Tracking Server uses an extensible architecture that allows it to receive data from new sources and to transmit that data to new clients. It also supports historical playback, allowing users to perform analysis on their data. As data is received by Tracking Server, it can be logged to ArcSDE or distributed directly to clients, including ArcGIS Tracking Analyst.

Users can view real-time data from any computer with access to the appropriate network—either an intranet or the Internet. Users can also easily access statistical information about data links, allowing them to monitor performance.

Tracking Server is an Esri solutions product. It is an enterprise-level technology that is integrated with Esri's other server and services products.

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