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Summer 2006

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Tools for Data Quality Control Management

GIS Data ReViewer Development Progresses

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The improved ReViewer Table provides a consistent user experience on multiuser geodatabases and can be stored in any type of geodatabase (file, personal, or ArcSDE).
Following the release of ArcGIS 9.2, Esri will introduce new functionality in GIS Data ReViewer, a component of the PLTS for ArcGIS suite of products. GIS Data ReViewer provides tools for and simplifies many aspects of automated and visual spatial data quality control tasks, resulting in a more efficient and consistent review process. Tasks, such as identifying where geometry and attribute corrections, missing features, and extraneous features are located, become greatly simplified and better managed using the tools and context menus of GIS Data ReViewer.

Some organizations, such as local governments, utility/water agencies, departments of transportation, data conversion contractors, and defense agencies, need to acquire, create, convert, and maintain data. These organizations have a vital need to review, correct, and validate data quality throughout a project. GIS Data ReViewer improves and organizes the data review effort by eliminating the need for the paper trail associated with traditional error tracking within a project.

GIS Data ReViewer is customizable and supports visual review and batch validation of spatial data. Key enhancements to GIS Data ReViewer will include

  • Configurable batch validation, which allows users to store and rerun QC tests
  • Expansion of the number of data analysis checks available and the ability to string these checks together and execute them in batch mode
  • The ability to store the ReViewer Table in a file, personal, or ArcSDE geodatabase
  • A redesign of both the ReViewer Table user interface and database storage
  • Extensibility of GIS Data ReViewer objects to support developer customization, including new checks and processing of GIS Data ReViewer sessions outside of the ArcGIS Desktop application ArcMap

The ReViewer Table is being redesigned so that it provides a consistent user experience on multiuser geodatabases and can be stored in any type of geodatabase (file, personal, or ArcSDE) as several feature classes and stand-alone tables. This storage method allows the ReViewer Table to access geometry for a GIS Data ReViewer record specific to the type of check or action that created the record. For example, the Duplicate Vertex check returns duplicate vertices it finds as multipoint geometries that can be browsed part by part, allowing the user to zoom to the location of each duplicate vertex.

The ReViewer Table user interface is now a dockable window that allows for efficient grouping and sorting of GIS Data ReViewer records. User-defined field information can be stored in the table in addition to the default fields. This allows any organization to store its own unique ID field with each GIS Data ReViewer record. The ReViewer Table can take advantage of a definition query function to limit records visible to the user and a polygon grid to spatially organize records in the table.

Finally, GIS Data ReViewer will be divided into ArcGIS Engine and ArcGIS Desktop components, allowing developers to create their own checks and plug them into the GIS Data ReViewer framework. Developers can also run the GIS Data ReViewer engine components without having to go through the user interface.

More Information

GIS Data ReViewer operates on Windows 2000 and Windows XP and requires ArcView, ArcEditor, or ArcInfo. For more information, visit You can also call Esri at 1-800-447-9778, call your Esri regional office, or contact your local reseller. Outside the United States, contact your local Esri distributor.

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