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Summer 2006

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GIS Day 2006—Build Understanding in Your Community One GIS Day at a Time

GIS DayWe live in a changing world that is becoming increasingly complex, challenging, and crowded. We need more understanding and more collaboration.

Close your eyes and imagine a world where natural places are preserved, resources are managed wisely, and nature and industry are in balance. Can you picture a world where people are thriving, businesses are profitable, crime is low, and global health is improving each day? Have you heard about organizations that put strategies and tools in place to help them see "the big picture" and make better decisions?

If you can imagine these things, then you are probably thinking about a world that has successfully deployed GIS technology. If you are lucky enough to know about GIS and can envision this world, then we invite you to share your vision by celebrating GIS Day with us this November.

What Is GIS Day?

Held as part of the National Geographic Society's Geography Awareness Week and Geography Action! initiative, GIS Day is an international grassroots event to encourage geographic literacy and help build better understanding and collaboration in our communities, schools, and organizations.

How Can I Participate?

Last year, people from more than 70 countries participated in events ranging from corporate open houses to hands-on workshops, community expos, schoolwide assemblies, mapping projects, geography games, GPS scavenger hunts, and more. Although the official celebration date occurs each year during the third week in November, it is possible to celebrate GIS Day on any day that works for you and your organization.

Mark Your Calendar Today

Wednesday, November 15, 2006, will mark the eighth annual GIS Day celebration. GIS Day provides an opportunity for you to share your knowledge with your colleagues and associates, business partners and customers, elected officials and leaders, and local schools and universities. Please join us in this global effort to build understanding in your community one GIS Day at a time.

More Information

For more information or to register your GIS Day 2006 events, visit

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