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Summer 2007
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ArcPad 7.1

  mobile GIS in an orange grove
ArcPad 7.1 provides a QuickProject template that enables users to get started using ArcPad with minimal effort.

Esri is releasing the next version of ArcPad for mobile GIS and field mapping applications this fall. ArcPad boosts mobile productivity by providing field-based personnel with the ability to capture, store, update, analyze, and display geographic information efficiently. ArcPad also integrates with desktop and server GIS technologies, allowing field edits to be incorporated into a geodatabase through disconnected editing.

ArcPad 7.1 and ArcPad Application Builder 7.1 will include new usability and performance enhancements, as well as a number of new features to help users with their data collection activities.

For example, at version 7.1, ArcPad introduces a much-anticipated out-of-the-box solution to view and edit features and related tables in the field. ArcPad Application Builder 7.1, the development and customization framework for ArcPad, has also been improved to support related tables, data management tools, and other key features.

Users now have the ability to view and edit features and related tables in the field.

ArcPad 7.1 highlights include

  • QuickProject—Template to help novice and non-GIS users become immediately productive with ArcPad
  • QueryForm—Customized layer template for search criteria and search results
  • ArcPad Data Manager extension for ArcGIS Desktop 9.2—Enhanced desktop tools for a streamlined data flow experience
  • StreetMap extension—Included in core functionality to support address geocoding, reverse geocoding, and routing; bundled with North American street map data from Tele Atlas/TomTom
  • Label tool—Labels individual selected features
  • Custom layer icon support
  • Snapping tolerance for layers
  • Windows Vista support

The new capabilities in ArcPad 7.1 will help experienced users, as well as field-workers new to GIS, to become more efficient and effective when capturing data in the field. Together with ArcPad Application Builder, ArcPad 7.1 will continue to provide a flexible and easy-to-use mobile GIS solution.

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