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Summer 2007
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Data, Software, and Services Solutions

Esri Business Partner Offerings to the GIS Community

More than 2,000 value-added resellers, developers, consultants, data providers, and instructors partner with Esri to deliver a variety of value-added services and solutions to the GIS user community worldwide. In each issue of ArcNews, we are proud to highlight a few of these partners and the data, software, and services they provide. For a complete list and description of partners' offerings, visit the Esri Web site (


GBA Master Series
The GBA Master Series software suite allows users to organize asset information, optimize maintenance activities, and prioritize needed improvements. All products link to its enterprise GIS, a fully integrated geodatabase and extension of ArcGIS. The software is modular, so users can choose to implement only the products that suit their agency's specific requirements, building the foundation for a computerized maintenance management system. As data grows to include other department assets, its software easily expands to an integrated enterprise asset management system, comprehensively meeting citywide departmental needs.

Civic Technologies, Inc.
Civic Technologies creates customized applications and provides consulting services that aggregate, organize, and mine diverse data to create powerful, accurate, and comprehensive information solutions. NeighborhoodDecision is a software solution developed using ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Spatial Analyst, to assist cities, counties, regional planning agencies, and real estate developers in predicting the livability of a community based on customized indicators to target investment, strengthen the local tax base, link land use and transit, and support a jobs-housing balance.


Mapping Analytics LLC
Mapping Analytics supplies data ready to use with ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server and in custom and commercially packaged applications the company builds using Esri technology. Data offerings include demographics from multiple sources; lifestyle and segmentation data; postal and administrative boundary data; street and road networks; and industry-specific data for banking, retail, and telecommunications, among others. Mapping Analytics has comprehensive expertise and experience in using data for analytic purposes and can help users choose the right data to achieve the results needed.


Cambridge Systematics, Inc.
Cambridge Systematics, Inc., has a core GIS information technology group that has been working with Esri technology since the early 1990s. The company provides a full range of GIS services for the transportation sector, including GIS for transportation needs assessment, requirements specification, data business plan, geodatabase design and development, enterprise geodatabase implementation, system analysis and design, GIS programming and applications development, and Web-based services. Cambridge Systematics' GIS professionals are proficient in a suite of Esri platforms, including ArcView, ArcIMS, and ArcSDE.

Scientific Technologies Corporation
Scientific Technologies Corporation (STC) is an international public health professional service company. Experienced at local, state, federal, and international levels, STC is an acknowledged leader in the public health IT sector, providing a reliable and effective source of integration technology and engineering expertise. STC's GIS capabilities focus on using ArcGIS with a current focus on ArcIMS and ArcGIS Desktop to a future emphasis on ArcGIS Server. Expertise includes providing authorized training classes, GIS strategic planning, and GIS integration.

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