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Summer 2008

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GIS Data Can Be Shared Dynamically with Field-Workers Across the Organization

New Features in ArcGIS Mobile 9.3


  • ArcGIS Mobile features a new, configurable, out-of-the-box mobile application for Microsoft Windows Mobile 5 and 6 Pocket PCs.
  • ArcGIS Server Manager provides central management, configuration, and deployment of GIS data, maps, and tasks.
  • Performance improvements in the ArcGIS Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK) increase productivity.

ArcGIS Mobile is a mobile GIS software platform that enables organizations to deliver enterprise GIS data and services from centralized application servers, providing real-time access over wired and wireless networks to a range of Windows devices, including smartphones, Pocket PCs, and tablet computers.

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Use the device rocker to zoom and the stylus to pan in the ArcGIS Mobile map view.

At 9.3, ArcGIS Mobile extends the ArcGIS Server platform by deploying mobile GIS applications, data, maps, and tasks to mobile workers via ArcGIS Server Manager, which lets users create and deploy mobile projects and applications and serve mobile maps easily and efficiently.

ArcGIS Mobile 9.3 is a configurable, out-of-the-box application designed for Windows Mobile 5 Pocket PC, Windows Mobile 6 Classic, and Windows Mobile 6 Professional devices.

This application improves productivity of mobile field personnel by increasing data accuracy and enabling real-time decision making in the field through wireless access to GIS data and the use of GPS to capture critical business information. The mobile application is configured through the ArcGIS Mobile projects, data, and mobile service and is ideal for customers looking to rapidly deploy mobile GIS without needing to develop their own solution.

The new ArcGIS Mobile application enables mobile workers to view their ArcGIS Server data and imagery on their mobile devices and work with an intuitive feature-type list to rapidly collect feature types in the field using GPS. They have the ability to use the device hardware buttons and rocker or the device stylus to sketch on the map and send edits back to their enterprise server over any Internet-capable connection. Wired connections are also available through ActiveSync via a desktop PC and the intranet using local area network (LAN) ports on the mobile device docking station or over wireless connections through Wi-Fi or via cellular services.

GIS data collected and edited using the ArcGIS Mobile application is synchronized directly with ArcGIS Server. Data is stored in a familiar geodatabase and ensures all enterprise users can access and edit mobile GIS data in real time using ArcGIS Server clients like ArcGIS Explorer, ArcGIS Desktop, and ArcGIS Server Web applications. This enables enterprises to make rapid decisions using the most accurate information possible.

GIS administrators and mobile workers can easily download and install ArcGIS Mobile applications and projects directly from their devices using the ArcGIS Mobile deployment Web page served with ArcGIS Server. This enables an enterprise to rapidly deploy or provision its mobile devices without having to bring all of them back into a central office. Once deployed, mobile workers can access new or updated ArcGIS Mobile projects and data directly from their ArcGIS Mobile application.

The ArcGIS Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK), which was initially released with ArcGIS 9.2, lets developers build and deploy fully customized, highly focused mobile applications. Using SDK, developers can create geocentric applications that provide basic GIS functionality, including map display and navigation, GPS support, and GIS editing. The SDK can also be used to enhance existing nonspatial line-of-business applications, such as customer relationship management and field service automation systems.

Improvements to ArcGIS Mobile SDK at 9.3 include enhanced map control rendering to support multiple data sources and graphic layers, improved data storage capabilities with support for large compressed basemaps, and expanded projections for non-grid-based ArcGIS projections.

"We have taken full advantage of the improvements in ArcGIS Mobile 9.3," says Chris Gerecke, geospatial solutions manager with Timmons Group, an Esri Business Partner. "Our clients have seen immediate benefits with improved projection support, enhancements of the map cache to handle large compressed basemaps, and the map control's ability to support multiple data sources. The ArcGIS Mobile development experience at 9.3 has definitely been improved and provides our clients with a faster return on investment when extending their enterprise GIS application into the field."

ArcGIS Mobile SDK includes comprehensive developer support through the new online ArcGIS Mobile Resource Center. It provides access to help, sample applications, forums, blogs, and code galleries for customers and business partners who are actively developing custom mobile GIS applications using .NET 2.0 and .NET Compact Framework 2.0.

Organizations that license ArcGIS Server Advanced Enterprise receive 50 mobile application deployments or SDK runtimes at no additional cost. They may also license additional mobile deployments or runtimes in bundles of 25. ArcGIS Mobile is also included as part of the Esri Developer Network (EDN). EDN is an annual subscription program that offers ArcGIS software for development and testing.

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