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Summer 2009
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Helps Field Staff Manage Critical Information More Efficiently

ArcPad 8 Now Available—Enhances User Experience and Improves Customization


  • ArcPad has a new user interface with modern icons, toolbars, and menus.
  • Update and synchronize ArcPad field edits directly with ArcGIS Server.
  • ArcPad customization tools and first year of maintenance are now included.
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With ArcPad 8, users can now synchronize field edits directly with the enterprise geodatabase via ArcGIS Server.

ArcPad 8, Esri's field mapping and data collection software designed for use with ArcGIS Desktop and a variety of mobile devices, is now available. This major release includes new usability and performance enhancements to increase field productivity and help users manage their GIS projects more efficiently.

Integration with ArcGIS Server

The new no cost ArcGIS Server ArcPad extension allows users to publish their ArcPad projects directly to ArcGIS Server. Mobile devices that connect to the Internet (by cradle, USB, Wi-Fi, or phone connection) can now synchronize ArcPad field edits with the enterprise geodatabase via ArcGIS Server.

Enhanced User Experience

Modern icons, menus, and toolbars in the new ArcPad use less screen real estate than previous versions. Toolbars can now be docked, minimized, and maximized. Also, a new desktop tool called the ArcPad Toolbar Manager lets users either modify the out-of-the-box toolbars or create their own. The previous ArcPad Startup dialog box has been replaced with the Open Map dialog box, which can be used to browse ArcPad maps by list or thumbnail.

ArcPad Studio Now Included

ArcPad Studio, the development framework to customize ArcPad, now comes with every ArcPad 8 license. ArcPad 8 is a maintenance-based product, and the first year of ArcPad maintenance is included. Customers may subscribe to annual maintenance to get software updates and technical support. Technical support will be provided to customers who are current on maintenance.

Improved GPS

Identify target areas for inspections and GIS data collection.

The GPS user interface has a refresh in ArcPad 8. The position dialog box is now replaced by the new GPS status bar, a translucent toolbar that appears at the bottom of the map screen. It shows much of the same detail from the previous position dialog box, but now has visual color cues to indicate the quality of the GPS fix. In addition, more detailed GPS position information can be displayed on the full-screen multitab GPS dialog box.

Improved StreetMap Capabilities

The StreetMap extension included with ArcPad 8 now provides an easier method to find addresses and locations using the new lookup index. The extension is based on Esri StreetMap Premium data derived from the Tele Atlas/TomTom dataset and now includes data for Europe in addition to North America. The extension is included at no extra cost and supports the Smart Data Compression format and enables display, address geocoding, reverse geocoding, and routing capabilities.

Enhanced ArcPad Data Manager Extension

The ArcPad Data Manager extension now gives users more options when preparing data for ArcPad. Users can configure an ArcPad project for repeated use with geoprocessing tools or author an ArcPad project for publication to ArcGIS Server. Additional geoprocessing tools have also been added to ArcPad Tools in ArcToolbox, which supports using ArcPad projects for geoprocessing and deploying to mobile devices.

"From very basic to more advanced, sophisticated applications, ArcPad 8 helps users get up and running quickly," says Jian Lange, Esri product manager for ArcPad. "The customization framework now included with this release provides additional capabilities to complete mobile GIS tasks and projects effectively."

More Information

For more information on ArcPad or to evaluate ArcPad 8 at no cost, visit

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