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Summer 2009
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Esri International User Conferences Connect Countries and Colleagues

"Today, GIS professionals everywhere are playing a greater role," says Jack Dangermond, Esri president. "User conferences offer a forum for these individuals to come together. These events help attendees take a significant step forward in their growth and ability as GIS professionals."

From the heart of South America to the European Capital of Culture 2009, over the next several months, Esri distributors will give users the opportunity to explore the latest in geospatial technology firsthand. Regardless of industry or experience with GIS technology, professionals using Esri software are encouraged to attend the most convenient conference for them. They will hear from Dangermond, see software demonstrations, discover new tools, build on their GIS knowledge and skills, and learn how to address trends and apply solutions and recent updates in their organizations and communities.

2009 Esri Latin America User Conference

The 2009 Latin America User Conference (LAUC) is being held October 7–9 in Bogota, Colombia. logoThis conference is the leading event for GIS users throughout Latin America. Participants will be able to create valuable relationships with their peers, meet with important contacts—from Esri staff and business partners to industry leaders from Latin America—and find out everything they need to know to launch and grow successful GIS projects.

"The LAUC is a unique opportunity to share geographic knowledge and network with colleagues from different industries throughout the region," says Helena Gutiérrez, president of Procálculo Prosis S.A., the Esri distributor in Colombia. "We are very honored to have the chance to organize this important event for the third time, and we're working wholeheartedly to provide Latin American users with an unforgettable experience, one that will inspire them to continue to grow as individuals and organizations."

Attendees are also invited to share their work with other participants from more than 19 Latin American countries. This knowledge sharing helps users more fully leverage their GIS investments. The deadline for presentation abstract submissions is July 31. Visit to learn more and register.

2009 Esri European User Conference

The European User Conference is dedicated to users throughout Europe and is being held October 14–16 in Vilnius, Lithuania, the European Capital of Culture 2009. This is an honor that gives the city a chance logoto showcase its cultural life and development. The conference focus is geographic awareness, providing preconference seminars, paper sessions, technical workshops, and other activities that will discuss how to best apply geography and technology for measurable results in any market. Visitors will be able to advance their understanding of GIS, access helpful resources, and delve into topics that interest them, from IT integration and cost-saving ideas to best practices in both the public and private sectors.

Linas Gipiskis, managing director of HNIT-Baltic, UAB, Esri's distributor in Lithuania, says, "This is the biggest GIS event in Europe this year and a great way for decision makers, GIS professionals, and other IT specialists from different countries and cultures—with different experience and expectations—to come together and discuss the best user cases, gain deeper knowledge of GIS, and get valuable advice directly from GIS product specialists. Hospitality is one of the most striking features of Lithuanians. So we hope our guests will take away good memories from the conference social events and our country."

Attendees can also share their work with GIS by submitting an abstract for possible presentation during the conference. The deadline for submissions and to register early and save is August 14. Visit to learn more.

2009 Esri Middle East and North Africa User Conference

The Middle East and North Africa User Conference, being held November 10–12, 2009, in Manama, Bahrain, logowill give users in the Middle East and North Africa an excellent place to gain information and insight, get answers to pressing questions and project challenges, and establish a network of contacts that spans the international Esri user community. Attendees will hear from their colleagues, thought leaders, and Esri staff, as well as learn innovative tips and tricks that will help them achieve more GIS-driven results in their businesses, societies, and communities.

Dr. Ghulum Bakiri from MicroCenter, the Esri distributor in Bahrain, says, "GIS is slowly transforming into a pervasive technology, and many countries in the region are embarking on a national NSDI [National Spatial Data Infrastructure] initiative to act as the platform of choice for integrating diverse islands of information that exist in various departments and government organizations. This conference will serve as a wonderful forum for GIS professionals and decision makers to share their experiences and gain valuable insight into essential best practices in this challenging undertaking."

Participants are also invited to share their work with their fellow professionals. The deadline for presentation abstract submissions is September 2. Visit to learn more and register.

2010 Esri Asia Pacific User Conference

The 2010 Asia Pacific User Conference, combined with Esri Australia Pty. Ltd.'s 2010 client conference, will take place next year, March 3–5, at the Conrad Jupiters hotel in Queensland's Gold Coast, Australia. The conference agenda will be geared to show how the latest location intelligence solutions are making it easier to extend the reach of GIS, whether it be externally, geographically, or technically. From user case studies to technical presentations, attendees will see how organizations across industries and regions have extended the use of location intelligence to solve complex problems, reveal opportunities, and find success.

Says Brett Bundock, CEO, Esri Australia, Esri's distributor in Australia, "We've themed the conference ‘GIS: Extending the Reach' in recognition of how GIS has evolved from being seen as a tool to link location to information to being acknowledged as a serious business system that delivers real benefits."

Visit to find out more about this event and how to get involved.

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