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Summer 2010
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Easily Add Demographic Reports and Data to ArcGIS

With the Esri Business Analyst Online Reports Add-In, ArcGIS Desktop users can now easily and quickly add demographic reports and data to their GIS projects. The downloadable add-in acts as a bridge, connecting Esri's desktop products to demographic reports and data from Esri Business Analyst Online (BAO).

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ArcGIS users can now seamlessly generate demographic reports for trade areas and sites they have defined in their desktop applications.

GIS professionals are able to obtain and consume Esri Updated Demographics from BAO to create presentation-quality reports in PDF and Excel formats for trade areas and sites they have defined in their desktop products. They are attaching this data as attributes of map layers for use in their everyday ArcGIS mapping workflows. In addition, BAO Reports Add-In users have access to the BAO Web application ( where they can search for businesses, thematically map areas, create trade areas, compare sites, and create customized reports.

Business Analyst Desktop users are taking advantage of the add-in to expand the data available in their desktop environment for their areas of interest. They can also create reports for any trade area, ring, or drive time that they have created in Business Analyst Desktop, as well as access the BAO Web application.

Each year, professional demographers, statisticians, and economists at Esri create updated current-year and five-year projections of demographic data. This updated data is released in BAO as soon as it's available. Therefore, add-in users will also have immediate access to these updates. This is a benefit for Business Analyst Desktop users, as they will no longer have to wait until the data is released in the desktop environment to start incorporating it into their analyses.

BAO Reports Add-In is downloadable from the Resource Center. ArcGIS Desktop users can get a free seven-day trial, after which they will need to purchase a subscription to continue accessing the reports and data. The add-in is free for Business Analyst Desktop and Business Analyst Server users.

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For more information and to download the BAO Reports Add-In, visit

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