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Summer 2010
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Esri Partner Offerings

Esri maintains relationships with more than 2,000 partners that provide focused assistance to our customers. These partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services across several industries. Our partners offer solutions and services that range from custom ArcGIS applications to complete system implementations. In this issue, we would like to recognize a handful of our partners that helped us launch the Esri Partner Network. For a complete list and description of our partners and their offerings, visit the Esri Partners Web site at

Enterprise GIS

3-GIS Express Solution
The 3-GIS Express Solution product suite combines several applications from 3-GIS into an enterprise system that delivers advanced mapping technology to desktop, field, and administrative users. Components of Express Solution, including Field Express Chameleon, Network Express, Conductor, and Buzz, leverage ArcGIS Server technology to provide enterprise capabilities and services at a reduced cost. As an integrated suite of applications, 3-GIS Express Solution gives users GIS-enabled asset management on a user-friendly platform.

Systems Migration

Latitude Geographics
Geocortex Essentials
Geocortex Essentials simplifies the process of migrating from ArcIMS to ArcGIS Server. Built for Esri's next-generation development platforms, Geocortex Essentials helps users immediately leverage a wide variety of tools and core components available off the shelf. These tools, which are customizable and extensible, are designed to keep users' organizations closely aligned with the long-term evolution of Esri's Web-based GIS platform.

Aeronautical Charting

CGx AERO in Sys
AIP-GIS Charting
AIP-GIS Charting is a platform for editing and updating all International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)-compliant Aeronautical Information Publication (AIP) charts in a georeferenced environment. Built on top of Production Line Tool Set (PLTS) for ArcGIS—Aeronautical Solution, AIP-GIS Charting extends and automates the necessary processes for creating, producing, and maintaining aeronautical charts. AIP-GIS Charting also includes ICAO-compliant templates that help organizations reduce production time while leveraging industry standards.

GIS Services

PenBay Solutions
In-Vision OnePass
In-Vision OnePass is a facilities data capturing service that provides spatially referenced interior datasets by collecting room geometry, assets, and attributes and conditions in a single pass. By integrating with a GIS, PenBay's OnePass service allows users to quickly visualize and leverage this data in their workflows to help create an effective facility information infrastructure inside the building footprint. OnePass helps real property and public safety organizations alike make better decisions regarding the true state of building interiors.

Application Design

GEOCOM Informatik AG
GDN Studio
GEOCOM's GEONIS product family is a generic GIS application framework based on ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server. GDN Studio is a new offering from GEOCOM that allows users to design and customize GEONIS applications. With GDN Studio, users can generate tools, such as forms, reports, data lists, and menus, that can be run on ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS Server. Users can visit the GEOCOM Developer Network for more information about GDN Studio and to communicate with other GEONIS developers, as well as access a knowledge base of comprehensive documentation.

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