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Summer 2010
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New Esri Press Books Guide GIS Professionals and Students

Get Help with Common GIS Tasks

Whether a foundation in GIS is needed, or just a refresher, there are several options from Esri Press that will help in building skills using the technology. Three books available this summer will help with the new functionality in ArcGIS 10, teach how to work with map projections, and help software users brush up on some of the essential skills of GIS.

book coverGetting to Know ArcGIS Desktop, Second Edition (for ArcGIS 10)—Fully updated for compatibility with ArcGIS 10, this book provides an overview of the principles of GIS while teaching the mechanics of ArcGIS Desktop software. Ideal for self-study or use in the classroom, the step-by-step exercises provide a framework for users to easily practice skills in map symbology, data overlay, map projection, and data conversion. ISBN: 9781589482609, 604 pp., $79.95

book coverThe GIS 20: Essential SkillsWritten for those who don't have a lot of time, this quick-reference workbook offers a handy list of 20 basic functions applicable to most GIS users. Also included are executive-level summaries of how the functions are commonly applied in different types of analysis. Five hundred GIS practitioners helped define the 20 essential skills, which include creating good layouts, creating buffers, and publishing maps. ISBN: 9781589482562, 128 pp., $39.95

book coverLining Up Data in ArcGIS: A Guide to Map ProjectionsA common concern for GIS users is properly projecting their map data to the appropriate coordinate system. Lining Up Data presents all the techniques needed to identify the correct projection for one's data as well as how to create custom projections to align data. Quickly troubleshoot and resolve common errors concerning data alignment with this easy-to-use reference guide. ISBN: 9781589482494, 200 pp., $24.95

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