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Summer 2010
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GIS Day 2010 Event Registration Now Open

Help Others Discover the World Through GIS

GIS Day logoGIS users across the globe can now register their 2010 GIS Day event online ( GIS Day is an excellent opportunity to share how a government, organization, institution, or individual is using GIS technology to better understand our world. The 12th annual GIS Day celebration will be held Wednesday, November 17, 2010.

This grassroots event is held every year on the third Wednesday of November, during Geography Awareness Week, a geographic literacy initiative sponsored by the National Geographic Society. Events that celebrate GIS Day have been held in more than 80 countries, involving public officials, professionals, educators, and students. Thousands of GIS users around the world invite guests to attend GIS workshops, tour map galleries, receive hands-on GIS technology training, learn about educational and career opportunities, and much more. The event continues to gain momentum each year, thanks to the GIS user community.

Goodhue County, Red Wing, Minnesota, USA

  photo of a GIS Day cake
For several years, the Center of Advanced Spatial Technologies located at the University of Arkansas has participated in GIS Day by inviting speakers from nearby organizations to show examples of their work and provide demonstrations using the latest GIS technology. Every year, the center also bakes a GIS Day cake for the students and speakers to enjoy. This cake was made by Nani Verzon, Carrie Davis, and Maci Edwards for GIS Day 2009.

Each year, the Goodhue County GIS Department holds a map/poster display during National Geography Week and GIS Day. Staff and citizens like to view the various maps, and many stop by the GIS office to ask staff questions about them. Some staff have even mentioned that GIS Day is their favorite event during the year. The GIS Department feels the best way to explain GIS is through visuals such as finished maps from a GIS project.

Timor-Leste Geographic Information Group, Dili, East Timor

Timor-Leste is the newest country in Asia with 1 million people. It held its first GIS Day event in November 2009. Thirteen organizations participated with an estimated 500 visitors. Six seminars were held, and approximately 20 people attended each seminar. Organizers held a map exhibition and gave out brochures. Because this event was the first GIS and map exhibition in Timor-Leste, the purpose was to raise awareness about GIS and the mapping industry.

Resources Available

There are many more event examples and success stories available at, including hands-on GIS workshops, training seminars, special presentations and talks, map galleries, treasure hunts, and field trips. Once an idea is in the works, users are encouraged to access the free resources and support Esri provides online, including sample agendas, proposal letters, white papers, how to do a GIS Day proclamation in your area, and even how to create your own GIS Day cake.

Users can also host more than one event, such as an open house at a business as well as a demo at a local school. Remember, registering all your events ensures that each occasion can be found in the event finder—this is useful to the general public and members of the press.

More Information

For more information, visit GIS Day events online at

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