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Summer 2010
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User Conferences to Take Place This Fall in Mexico City and Rome

Regional User Conferences Highlight New Technologies and Innovative Applications

Professionals who are part of the international Esri user community are encouraged to attend their region's GIS user conference. "These events are an exceptional supplement to other Esri photo of audience listening to a user conference plenary sessioneducation opportunities, such as training classes, the online resource centers, and the Esri International User Conference (Esri UC), in the states every summer," says Esri president Jack Dangermond. "I hope many users will join us in the coming months and realize the benefits of these events."

2010 Esri Asia Pacific User Conference

The 2010 Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC), combined with the Esri Australia Pty. Ltd. 2010 client conference (OZRI), took place March 35 on Queensland's Gold Coast, in Australia. More than 500 delegates from eight countries in the Asia Pacific region attended. The new APUC and OZRI combination provided a large forum for users to build their GIS knowledge base and network with other users, as well as Esri staff and business partners.

With the conference theme, "GIS: Extending the Reach," the APUC focused on how GIS has evolved from being seen as a tool to only connect information to a location to being recognized as a valuable system that delivers tangible benefits, such as improved analysis and productive workflows. The agenda revolved around how successful, modern GIS solutions are being implemented at all levels from governments and companies to communities and individuals.

"It was exciting to see how an increasing number of organizations are taking GIS beyond traditional boundaries to deliver real benefits and significant outcomes," says Brett Bundock, CEO of Esri Australia. "Organizational, technical, and geographic accomplishments were shared via this excellent regional forum for our users."

Dangermond gave the Keynote Address and discussed how the geodesign concept helps extend the reach of GIS to address important societal issues. Geodesign, which pairs geospatial technology with design, is not simply observing geography, as Dangermond says, but it is actively designing the future and the world, integrating information and science with creativity, engineering, planning, and more.

Also during the Plenary Session, there was a presentation about the Koala Diaries Web site that won Esri Australia the GIS in Community Award. The site was created to undertake a koala sighting census. Though it came together quickly, the project was a first in terms of integrating geographic technology with community engagement to record the occurrence of a single species in Queensland. The information is available to government agencies and other stakeholders, showing how many koalas are left in the area, where they live, and in what condition; this helps with policy making and scientific research. The site can be viewed at

Technical experts presented papers during the plenary as well and held technology sessions throughout the conference. Visitors learned key GIS information, including the new tools and capabilities of ArcGIS 10. In addition, user presentations gave attendees the chance to see how organizations around the world have leveraged GIS to overcome issues and succeed.

To find out more about the conference, see pictures, or order the proceedings DVD, visit The next APUC will be held in Manila in the Philippines; the date is to be determined.

2010 Esri Latin America User Conference

The 17th annual Esri Latin America User Conference (LAUC) is being hosted by SIGSA, the Esri distributor in Mexico, and will take place September 2224, 2010, in Mexico City at the Sheraton Maria Isabel Hotel & Towers. The conference venue is located on the Paseo de la Reforma and overlooks the famous Angel of Independence monument. One thousand professionals are expected to attend this year's LAUC, which is the premier event for users throughout Latin America.

"The LAUC prides itself on being usercentric and focused on new GIS trends such as ecosystem GIS mapping," says Carlos Salman, CEO of SIGSA. "It's the best regional GIS event to be part of in Latin America. So, if you're interested in GIS technologies, case studies, and a way to develop your GIS knowledge, skills, and network, this is the right place to be."

The gathering is also a way to hear about real-world GIS applications and projects during informative and inspiring paper presentations. User abstracts are being accepted for possible presentation at the conference. The deadline for submissions is August 30, 2010.

This year, the LAUC will host the Conference for Education on September 21 as an opportunity for academics and researchers to share their GIS ideas. To learn more about the conferences, visit

2010 Esri Europe, Middle East, and Africa User Conference

The 2010 Esri Europe, Middle East, and Africa User Conference (EMEA) will be held October 2628 in Rome, Italy, at the Ergife Palace Hotel. The EMEA is being hosted by Esri Italia, the Esri distributor in Italy. This reunion of the European User Conference (EUC) and Middle East and North Africa User Conference (MEAUC) will give users in these regions the chance to meet with an even larger Esri community—approximately 1,000 attendees are expected.

"We're very excited about combining the conferences again," says Dangermond. "We anticipate a comprehensive event that will serve our users well and lead to some fantastic discussions and ideas."

There will be preconference workshops; paper sessions divided into nine different tracks, including one for the United Nations; technical workshops; an exhibition; and training sessions. These offerings will explore how to apply geography and technology to solve problems, increase profitability, and help build better businesses and communities.

Abstracts are being accepted for possible inclusion in the paper session schedule. Users are encouraged to talk about their GIS experiences with this diverse audience of their peers. The deadline for submissions is September 8, 2010.

More information about the conference is available at

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For a complete listing of Esri events worldwide, visit

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