ArcLogistics Update Gives Commercial/Professional Drivers a Break

Create multiple barriers that affect your route.

Create multiple barriers that affect your route, such as slow down polygons and point barriers.

ArcLogistics sites now have more options to create more efficient realistic route plans. The new improvements allow dispatchers to account for drivers' daily break times, such as 15-minute and 1-hour lunch breaks. These new settings will help dispatchers better account for the actual time it takes to complete a route when creating the day's plan. Additional settings include the ability to allow driver intermissions only after a certain amount of driving hours or after a minimum number of work hours are satisfied.

Additionally, dispatchers can now build in actual arrival and departure delays in addition to service time at an individual stop. An example of an arrival/departure delay would be the amount of time a driver has to take to find parking or exit a large facility such as an apartment complex or corporate campus. The new arrival/departure delay settings are in addition to setting actual service times for each stop (once the driver or crew can actually start work) and help ensure that actual service time at each stop is being considered during the route planning.

You can now set multiple breaks for your drivers

With ArcLogistics, you can now set multiple breaks for your drivers that occur throughout the workday.

Another improvement is the addition of several new Barrier types, including "slow down" polygons that allow tunable speed settings on all streets within the polygon. Dispatchers with local knowledge of a town or neighborhood can use the polygons to override speed limits on the streets within the polygon to better reflect vehicle speeds at certain times of the day.

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