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Need Focused, On-Demand Training?

Esri web courses provide about three hours of high-quality, self-paced instruction that supports a variety of ArcGIS tasks and workflows. Web courses are available 24/7, and our new design features interactive presentations and activities, demos, and hands-on exercises to apply and reinforce software skills. Find out more and see a list of web courses at

Analysis with ArcGIS

Analysis is at the heart of what many GIS professionals do. The courses below teach recommended workflows to generate reliable results from different types of GIS analyses.

Instructor-Led Courses

Web Courses

Python Scripting

Python is integrated into ArcGIS 10, allowing you to easily automate complex or repetitive processes and make GIS workflows more efficient. The courses below teach the basics of Python syntax and creating scripts that can be attached to custom tools and geoprocessing models for easy sharing and reuse.

ArcGIS Desktop Customization

Add-ins are lightweight and easy to share and deploy. The instructor-led course Programming ArcGIS Desktop Using Add-ins teaches best practices for building add-ins, including how to integrate ArcObjects and geoprocessing tools to deliver custom GIS functionality.

ArcGIS Web Mapping Courses

Learn how to efficiently develop rich, interactive web applications that feature GIS resources.

Instructor-Led Courses


"Expect to Be Challenged"
In an online interview, the author of the Esri Technical Certification instructor-led training course Skills Review for ArcGIS Desktop Professional says students coming to class can expect to be challenged. By applying their ArcGIS knowledge to identify and solve a variety of problems encountered in the real world, students will gain an understanding of the strengths and weaknesses in their ArcGIS skill sets and be better prepared to take the ArcGIS Desktop Professional Certification exam. Read the interview and learn more about the course at

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