Partner Solutions

Esri has relationships with over 2,000 partners globally that provide customer-focused, geoenabled solutions. These partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services in our core industries. Partner-provided solutions and services range from custom-built applications to complete-system ArcGIS implementations. In this issue, we would like to recognize those partners who won a 2011 Esri Partner Conference Award. These organizations have exhibited practical yet innovative application of the latest features in ArcGIS 10, taking geographic visualization to a higher level.

For a complete list and description of our partners and their offerings, visit the Esri website at

Private (Internal) Web Application

Network Express
Network Express is a web-based GIS utility and telecom asset management system that allows users to edit, trace, query, plot, and report data. Leveraging Esri's ArcGIS Server technology, Network Express provides fast editing and geodatabase access across the World Wide Web. With an easy-to-adopt user interface and specific toolsets designed for flexibility, companies have the advantage of quick implementation into an existing network.

Public Web Application

Topomat Technologies
TopoMaps v.3 is based on ArcGIS API for JavaScript. Featuring an extensive series of tools and customizable components, its functionalities help build complex GIS mapping applications.

Mobile Application

Geographic Technologies Group
GeoBlade Mobile
GeoBlade Mobile is designed to offer mission-critical information for emergency personnel while en route to the scene of an incident. A simple-to-use, touch-screen user interface makes it easy for the user to navigate around the map and access incident information. The ability to show hotlinks from selected features on the map further enhances the situational awareness provided to the user by allowing access to such resources as floor plans, video feeds, and hazardous material data sheets. The application utilizes a Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) interface and is built on Esri's ArcGIS Mobile Software Developer Kit (SDK) technology. The maps are cached locally on the hard drive and can be utilized with or without a connection to the central server. In a connected environment, updates to the maps are synced automatically, calls for service locations are live, and the locations of other emergency vehicles are displayed.

Extension to ArcGIS Desktop

Placeways LLC
CommunityViz planning software is an extension for ArcGIS Desktop. Planners, resource managers, local and regional governments, and many others, use CommunityViz to help them make decisions about development, land use, transportation, conservation, and more. A GIS-based decision support tool, CommunityViz shows you the implications of different plans and choices. Both flexible and robust, it supports geodesign, scenario planning, sketch planning, 3D visualization, suitability analysis, impact assessment, growth modeling, and other popular techniques.

Stand-Alone Desktop Application (Engine)

Clearion Software
Clearion VM
Clearion VM is a full-featured vegetation management solution built on ArcGIS. The system allows organizations to plan, manage, and report vegetation control activities around critical infrastructure, such as overhead electric transmission and distribution lines. Clearion VM comprises two commercial off-the-shelf ArcGIS Engine products: Clearion Mobile, a robust, data model-independent field editing application, and Clearion Work Manager, a powerful inspection and work order system. These products are used throughout North America by electric utilities, telecommunications companies, and government agencies to solve a wide variety of challenges in field operations, asset data collection, and work management.

Enterprise Integration

Geographic Information Services, Inc.
Pipeline Enterprise Operations Center System
The Pipeline Enterprise Operations Center System was deployed for a large gas distribution company. It includes a GIS SCADA-integrated dashboard and a cockpit-based surveillance data collection and reporting application tied to compliance reporting and work order management systems. These GIS solutions were developed using ArcGIS Server 10 and the ArcGIS Mobile 10 SDK.

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