Understanding Our World—In Your Region

In the latter half of 2011, users from every region on the globe will have the opportunity to learn from the Esri team, network with other users, and share ideas when each region hosts its regional user conference.


At Esri regional user conferences, users share their experiences and expertise.

Beginning with the Latin America User Conference and ending with the 7th Annual Asia Pacific User Conference, with the Middle East, Africa, and Europe represented in between, Esri regional user conferences will offer a local perspective on the latest trends in GIS and Esri software.

"The need for maps that shape the way the world lives gains more momentum every day," said Esri president and founder Jack Dangermond. "Our users are at the forefront of this movement. I look forward to welcoming users from around the world at each of these regional user conferences later this year."

2011 Esri Latin America User Conference

The tropical environment of Costa Rica is the backdrop of the 2011 Esri Latin America User Conference, to be held September 28–30 at the Real Intercontinental Hotel and the Tower Club in San Jose, Costa Rica.

The conference will show how GIS technologies have filled the region, with growth and development in sectors such as education, agriculture, telecommunications, electricity, transportation, security, land management, cadastre, local government, utilities, public health, and nature conservation.

GIS professionals from many of the countries of Latin America will have the opportunity to learn firsthand about new Esri technologies. They will learn about the impact of GIS projects executed in Spanish-speaking countries and focus on solving problems through GIS technology.

"This is a great opportunity to meet and exchange and promote the development of GIS technology and its application in our country, to promote the development and advancement of our country, and welcome Latin American users to Costa Rica—the happiest country in the world," says Jorge H. Araya, managing director of Esri international distributor Geotecnologías S.A.

Be an even bigger part of the event by presenting a paper at the 2011 Esri Latin America User Conference. Paper submissions will be accepted until July 15.

Submit your paper or register for the 2011 Esri Latin America User Conference by visiting

2011 Esri European User Conference

Esri international distributor ESRI España will host the 2011 Esri European User Conference, to be held October 26–28 at the North Convention Center, Ifema, in Madrid, Spain. Learn about the latest advancements in Esri technology and how it relates to the region and strengthen your GIS knowledge and skills at the event.


Technical workshops on more than 20 industries, such as energy and utilities, telecommunications, and local government, are planned throughout the three-day conference.

The Esri European User Conference will include Lightning Talks by users and partners, as well as a lounge where users can connect and network.

"This event is always one of the most anticipated by GIS experts in Europe," says Alfonso Rubio, managing director of ESRI España. "It is a unique opportunity to showcase the latest Esri news and projects in front of European GIS professionals. ESRI España is proud of hosting this conference, an event made by all of us, made for all of you. We can't wait to see you in beautiful Madrid."

Whatever your field, position, or degree of experience with Esri technology, why not share and discuss your experiences by presenting a paper at the Esri European User Conference? Papers will be accepted for review through August 15.

For more information about the Esri European User Conference or call for papers or to register for the event, visit

2011 Esri Middle East and Africa User Conference

The Habtoor Grand Hotel in Beirut, Lebanon, is a prestigious landmark that graces the city's skyline and is the location for the 2011 Esri Middle East and Africa User Conference (MEAUC), to be held November 1–3.

Whatever your industry, profession, or GIS experience, the MEAUC is an excellent way to build on your GIS knowledge and skills. From GIS and IT users to decision makers, professionals interested in learning more about geospatial technology should be part of this valuable gathering. Esri business and media partners are also encouraged to attend.

"This regional event for users of Esri technology facilitates the coming together of GIS users, developers, hardware vendors, and solution providers from across the region to listen to each other and exchange ideas, knowledge, and experiences," says Philip Burden, CEO of ESRI Lebanon sal. "The 2011 MEAUC in Beirut promises to be a special event for all who attend."

From technical workshops to paper sessions on successful GIS applications, there are many opportunities to get cost-saving ideas or solutions to your technical questions. At the MEAUC, the focus will be on ArcGIS 10, so users will be able to learn the features and advantages of the newest release directly from Esri staff.

A multiple-track format will offer a facilitated networking environment, with workshops, user sessions, and interactive user groups, as well as an extensive exhibition area.

For more information and to register for the 2011 MEAUC in Beirut, Lebanon, visit

Seventh Annual Esri Asia Pacific User Conference

The upcoming seventh annual Esri Asia Pacific User Conference (APUC) is scheduled for November 15–16, 2011, at KINTEX, Gyeonggi-do (Seoul), Korea. This event will offer users in the Asia-Pacific region the opportunity to share their professional knowledge with other GIS professionals and Esri senior staff.

Hosted by Esri international distributor ESRI Korea, Inc., the seventh annual APUC will feature the latest GIS technology, such as cloud computing and mobile GIS, along with case studies. Jack Dangermond, along with key regional users, will give the attendees insight into how Esri's GIS technology makes our society better.

On the first day, Esri senior staff and key users will deliver their views of GIS values to the audience. Their expertise and experience in various industries provide a unique reason to justify your attendance. Also, it will offer opportunities to get users involved, such as user presentations and exhibitions. User presentations, consisting of seven different tracks organized by industry, are scheduled for the second day.

This event will be combined with the Korean User Conference, which sees more than 1,500 users attend annually. "ESRI Korea expects that many of our Asia-Pacific users will attend the conference. Attendees will share and learn about advantages of the latest ArcGIS technology in person," says Jay Yoon, president of ESRI Korea.

Calls for papers and registration for the event are now available at Companies interested in sponsoring the event should contact ESRI Korea at

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