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Esri has relationships with over 2,000 Partners globally that provide customer-focused geoenabled solutions. These Partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services across our core industries. Partner-provided solutions and services range from custom-built applications to complete ArcGIS system implementations. In this issue, we would like to recognize those Partners that won a 2012 Esri Partner Conference Award. These organizations have exhibited practical yet innovative applications of the latest features in ArcGIS, taking geographic visualization to a higher level.

For a complete list and description of our Partners and their offerings, visit the Esri website at

Extension to Desktop

ArcFM Fiber Manager
ArcFM Fiber Manager addresses the need for enterprise GIS in the telecom market by providing an innovative solution that utilizes the power and flexibility of the ArcGIS 10 platform. The graphic, data-rich environment allows telecoms and utilities to get the information they need quickly and easily. It provides benefits across the organization, including traditional asset and network inventory, planning and analysis, and field mobility, and provides improved operational awareness and decision support for sales, marketing, and operations.

Private Web Application

Geo-Comm, Inc.
GeoLynx Server
GeoLynx Server is a web-based mapping system for public safety and law enforcement personnel. GeoLynx Server combines detailed GIS maps with real-time 9-1-1 caller locations so telecommunicators can see origins of 9-1-1 calls from landline and wireless phones, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) devices, and telematics services. GeoLynx Server integrates with any computer-aided dispatch (CAD) system to map CAD incidents, provide map-based drag-and-drop dispatching, and discover the nearest available units to dispatch.

Stand-Alone Desktop Application

iWater, Inc.
The infraMAP software is created on ArcGIS Engine and is used as both an office desktop and disconnected mobile version. Since infraMAP was created for ease of field operator use, it has expanded beyond the original water and wastewater industry; it is used in all public utilities and as an easy interface for several work order asset management products. The out-of-the-box functionality includes disconnected geodatabase editing, real-time GPS navigation and connection for additions and updates, work location routing, photo additions, and redline documentation. All these can be synchronized and added to the geodatabase by either wired or wireless connection. The success of infraMAP is due to the easy-to-use interface for all users, simple reporting features for management, and direct connection to existing Esri data.

Public Web Application

Blue Raster
Indonesian Rain Forest Preservation (Forest Cover Analyzer)
To preserve endangered rain forests in Indonesia, the World Resources Institute (WRI) has launched Project Palm Oil, Timber, Carbon Offsets (POTICO), a revolutionary approach to ecosystem management. Working with spatial analysis tools developed by Blue Raster, Project POTICO aims to divert planned oil palm plantations away from virgin tropical forests to already degraded lands, a swap that will prevent deforestation, reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and encourage sustainable agricultural development. Using the Forest Cover Analyzer, government agencies and nongovernmental organizations can compare current and historic satellite images of Indonesian forests to determine if oil palm companies are using degraded lands and meeting the standards of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil. In addition to using Esri ArcGIS 10 for Server and ArcGIS API 2.4 for Flex, the application uses Adobe Pixel Bender for spatial analysis and the Flickr API, allowing users to explore more than 190 field points and panoramic images collected to verify maps.

Mobile Application

iG Workforce
iG Workforce by EnerGov is a government platform for the next generation of mobility. iG Workforce utilizes the latest in cloud-based architecture to centrally manage government business data extended to the Apple iPad. The line of business applications released in the iG Workforce suite of applications includes iG Inspect for government field inspection processes and iG Reviews for regulatory electronic plans review management.

Enterprise Integration Application

APOS Systems, Inc.
APOS Location Intelligence Solution
The APOS Location Intelligence Solution (LIS) gives many business intelligence information consumers their first glimpse of GIS technology, complementing their existing decision workflows and enriching the decision-making environment through geospatial visualization. The APOS solution makes GIS more pervasive within the enterprise because it integrates complex business processes with GIS content rather than creating a competing workflow. In simple terms, APOS brokers the communication of data between enterprise GIS and the enterprise business intelligence, giving the traditional business intelligence user access to maps and geoprocessing and improving the GIS user's access to nongeographic business data and complex business workflows.

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