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New Instructor-Led Foundational Courses

For the past several ArcGIS releases, Esri Training Services has offered three instructor-led foundational courses to teach core GIS concepts and efficient ways to visualize, manage, and analyze geographic data using ArcGIS for Desktop.

With the release of ArcGIS 10.1, Esri has redesigned our foundational course curriculum to extend beyond desktop GIS tools and workflows. The new courses incorporate online and server GIS components to teach the latest techniques and recommended workflows for authoring, sharing, and using geographic information not only on desktops but also across organizations and over the web.

The ArcGIS 10.1 instructor-led foundational course curriculum consists of the three courses below. Together, these courses provide a learning path for new GIS users, who can learn solid ArcGIS skills, and an entry point for experienced professionals, who can learn how to exploit the ArcGIS system to more easily deliver authoritative GIS resources.

To view the ArcGIS 10.1 foundational course descriptions and class schedules, visit

Not Upgrading Quite Yet?

Esri recognizes that some users will not be upgrading to ArcGIS 10.1 immediately. The ArcGIS 10 instructor-led courses below will remain available to support those users:


10.1 Certification Exams Coming Soon

Updated 10.1 version certification exams will be added to the existing line of version 10 certification exams very soon. The following 10.1 certification exams are scheduled to be released in 2012:

Remember—Esri Technical Certifications never expire, so the decision to recertify at the latest version is always up to you and may depend on the needs of your current job role. Some of the updated 10.1 exams may contain very few changes from their version 10 counterparts, while others may contain more significant changes. Updated 10.1 exams will be released according to exam popularity. Visit for the latest information on certification exam availability.

Which Certification Exam Should I Take?

The best way to decide which certification is right for you is to review the candidate Qualifications, Skills Measured, and Training Resources sections for each exam on to determine which certification your skills and experience align to best.

Need help preparing for your exam? Esri offers two Skills Review courses and sample question sets to help you prepare for the desktop certification exams. For more information about these resources, visit

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