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Winter 2002/2003
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ArcGIS Tracking Analyst

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The Playback Manager permits rendering of historical data sets.

The ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension adds additional tools and functionality to the ArcGIS suite enabling users to visualize and analyze temporal data by defining events including time, location, and attribute information. The new extension can be combined with other ArcGIS extensions to create powerful applications for transportation, emergency response, military, and other industries.

ArcGIS Tracking Analyst can display data types including points, lines, polygons, and tracks, for historical or real-time data analysis (from connections to the ArcIMS Tracking Server). Users can record, play back, and conduct temporal analysis, including data clock charting and temporal offset. Monitoring and analysis actions will be available, such as highlight, suppress, and filter, and user-defined applications such as Visual Basic scripts. Existing temporal data can be set with future time windows (for mission planning) or past time windows (for historical data).

The ArcGIS Tracking Analyst extension for ArcGIS 8.3 extends the range of functionality first released in the ArcView 3.x Tracking Analyst extension. This new ArcGIS extension is compatible with existing ArcView 3.x Tracking Analyst data sets. For more information, visit

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