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Winter 2002/2003
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Esri Internet Mapping Technology Brings the World to Your Fingertips

Browse Your Way Over the Rivers and Through the Dales

Distributing GIS data and applications on the Internet provides unique opportunities to apply data from within an organization and integrate information from other agencies. Esri's Internet mapping technologies add geographic data and analysis to a multitude of applications such as e-commerce, enterprise resource planning, data warehousing, customer service and support, location services, and field data integration. Each issue of ArcNews features a sampling of the many new online sites powered by Esri software. Send to a description of your mapping site and the URL. Visit for links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology.

Geodatenserver Ruhrgebiet
The Ruhr Valley geodata server, an ArcIMS application, covers the entire Ruhr area, a densely populated and highly industrialized section in central Germany. Users can access city maps, color orthophotos, land use, and points of interest. This site is in German.

I-Maps Internet Map Server
The I-Maps Data System Web site provides several interactive mapping applications powered by MapObjects IMS and RouteMAP IMS. With I-Maps Outdoor Adventure Guide, users can locate topographic features in the United States, such as mountains, canyons, lakes, waterfalls, caves, and cliffs, and explore geographic areas for particular features by first selecting a state from the map or the list. The Web site also offers a Hotel Finder for the United States. The Demos section includes city guides, pop-up maps, and an image gallery with topographical maps, digital elevation models, satellite imagery, renderings, and large raster maps.

PREVIEW-IMS: Project for Risk Evaluation, Vulnerability Indexing, and Early Warning
The Global Resource Information Database (GRID)-Geneva, part of the United Nations Environment Programme Division of Early Warning and Assessment, collects and analyzes environmental data and disseminates the information to raise awareness and help communities with decision making processes. Among its many projects and tasks, GRID-Geneva provides early warning on environmental threats and problems and uses GIS and remote sensing for mapping, monitoring, and sustainable use of natural resources. PREVIEW-IMS is a MapObjects IMS tool that enables the visualization of data on natural disasters including earthquakes, fires, floods, cyclones, and tsunamis relative to other layers of information about cities, natural parks, rivers, components of vulnerability, population density, human development index, gross domestic products, elevation, and land cover.
Canoe and whitewater enthusiasts can access to search all the major rivers within the Commonwealth of Virginia for their status based on U.S. Geological Survey gauge information. TerraLogic, Inc., designed the system, which implements ArcIMS. Visitors to the site can type in a river name and view characteristics of river runs including the velocity, width, distance, skill level, kinds of scenery and hazards, and the number of portages. The system will map put-ins and take-outs for a run. Along with the usual search and zoom tools, another tool measures distances.

River Run
The Lower Cape Fear River Program is a large-scale water quality assessment program covering the Cape Fear estuary and lower watershed. River Run, administered by the University of North Carolina at Wilmington, Center for Marine Science, is for viewing and manipulating data collected from stations along the Cape Fear River Basin. Variables, such as dissolved oxygen, ammonia, turbidity, and temperature, can affect the ecology of the river. The ArcView IMS mapping application enables users to find inputs into the river and track their effects.

York Region Geomatics
The Regional Municipality of York, with 677,000 residents, is the eighth largest municipality in Canada and the fastest growing region in the Greater Toronto area. Part of the York Region Web site, York Region Geomatics offers enhanced customer service with ArcIMS mapping applications. Visitors to the site can access information about regional forests, 10-year capital works programs, and water and wastewater services and facilities.

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