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Winter 2002/2003
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Business Partners on the Cutting Edge

Developing Solutions With Esri Software

Business Partners logoThe Esri Business Partners featured below have developed applications for forestry, local government, image collection and management, and Web services. For more information on Business Partner solutions or the Business Partner Program, please visit

Forest One, Inc.

F1.Cruise is a Web-based application to assist foresters in mapping and planning forest appraisals. Built using Esri's ArcIMS and ArcSDE, F1.Cruise is a custom Java GIS front-end Web client and a Java OpenGL 3D Modeler. It is an advanced forestry ArcIMS Web solution, and it is sold on a subscription basis. It provides access to hundreds of gigabytes of aerial imagery, satellite imagery, topographical maps, and other data sets needed by foresters. Any forester with no GIS training can easily manipulate the data layers, add new data and shapes, perform image analysis, model a forest in three dimensions, and save data centrally within Forest One's spatial database to be shared with other foresters or subcontractors. To learn more, please call Shailu Verma at 847-491-7775 or visit

ProMap Corporation

PMCgis is a family of extensions for the Esri ArcGIS platform developed by ProMap Corporation (PMC). PMCgis is available in three packages to enhance your GIS. The Extended Editing Package includes COGO, splitting wizards, and extended editing. The Navigation Package includes navigation and query and automated printing. The final PMCgis software package is AgLand, designed to help users easily establish soil productivity ratings. More information is available at

Red Hen Systems

PixPoint by Red Hen Systems is an easy-to-use digital image collection and management system that adds a true-to-life visual dimension to GIS maps. During the field collection process, precision GPS coordinates are automatically recorded in every digital image. Once populated in an ArcGIS database, users have the ability to spatially organize, view, search, and access this data. PixPoint can help industries that need georeferenced or location-based imagery as an extension to mapping applications. To learn more, visit


WebPix by Pixxures is an image Web service that provides Esri's ArcView 3.x and ArcGIS users with access to its commercial library of high-resolution aerial and satellite imagery. WebPix imagery is retrieved in real time via or directly from Pixxures' AXL or WMS service. The WebPix Web service currently carries the entire digital orthophoto quarter quadrangle library from the United States Geological Survey, AirPhotoUSA's complete image library of color metropolitan areas, DigitalGlobe's Millennium Mosaic product, and many other data sets. Pixxures is continually adding more data to the WebPix library. Visit for more information.

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