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Winter 2002/2003
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From China to Israel to Guatemala With Seven-League Boots and Three Esri T-shirts

Becky Reed

Becky Reed, a teacher at Gunning Bedford Middle School, Bear, Delaware, was on a two-week field experience in China with other teachers from Delaware. We are fortunate that the fabulous Forbidden City happened to be behind her when this picture of her wearing her Esri T-shirt was snapped.

Kevin and Katie Switala

Kevin Switala, a GIS project manager for GeoDecisions, an Esri Business Partner in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, and his wife, Katie, traveled to Guatemala for seven days to attend the wedding of Kevin's brother. During the trip, they were able to visit the beautiful and ancient Mayan ruins of Tikal that rise through dense jungle. Kevin persisted through his sibling's harassment to proudly wear his Esri T-shirt during the jungle trek.


Alva Robinson

Alva Robinson, GIS coordinator, Halifax Regional Municipality, Nova Scotia, Canada, wore her Esri Map Dog T-shirt on Ben Gurion Avenue in Haifa, Israel. In the background you can see the lower nine terraces of the newly opened 19 terraces of the famous Hanging Bahá'í Gardens surrounding the Shrine of the Báb. Each terrace has a unique design of fountains, ornaments, plants, and stonework, but the sense of harmony, beauty, and serenity is maintained throughout.

Check out more Esri T-Shirt pictures in the new expanded section below.

Expanded T-Shirts

Jenny Sorensen
Jenny Sorensen
Jenny Sorensen, GIS analyst/project manager for Kadrmas, Lee & Jackson, an Esri Business Partner in Rapid City, South Dakota, was in Panajachel, Guatemala, where her company sponsors four employees each year to go to Guatemala for two weeks as volunteers for the God's Child Project, a nonprofit charity that helps Guatemalan children be able to go to school. While there, she worked with other volunteers to build two houses in the slums of San Felipe. The photo was taken during a weekend trip of sightseeing. The lake is Lake Atitlan, a volcanic caldera high in the mountains.
Scot D. Weaver
Scot Weaver
Scot D. Weaver, vice president of EarthSoft, an Esri Business Partner, is standing in front the "Big Buddha." At 112 feet tall and 250 tons, it is the largest outdoor bronze Buddha in the world. He visited Hong Kong during a recent trip to Asia and gave a presentation on "GIS and Environmental Data" to the Hong Kong GIS Association and the Environmental Engineering Society of Singapore, and, of course, just happened to wear his Esri T-shirt to boot.
Warren Roberts
Warren Roberts
In August 2001, Warren Roberts, GIS faculty and landscape architect, Rio Hondo College, Whittier, California, took his family to his birthplace in Liverpool. Here he is helping Eleanor Rigby not feel so lonely by reading to her from ArcNews. If that doesn't do the trick, then his Esri T-shirt surely will!

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