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Winter 2003/2004
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ArcGIS Supports Oracle 10g

Esri's support for Oracle 10g at ArcGIS 9 ensures a high level of interoperability and provides additional options for open and scalable solutions to our customers. Esri is committed to supporting the storage of geographic information in leading commercial database management systems (DBMS). As an Oracle Alliance Partner for more than 10 years, Esri has fully integrated our GIS technology with Oracle's DBMS software and will continue to do so with the upcoming release of Oracle 10g.

As an Oracle 10g beta site, Esri is currently testing and evaluating the new features in Oracle Spatial 10g. Esri will add support for the new GeoRaster type and provide tools to import and export Oracle Spatial 10g topology to the geodatabase.

Esri customers can expect a seamless upgrade to Oracle 10g and cross platform interoperability. We are anticipating that Oracle10g will be available on all of the operating system platforms that Esri server software will support at ArcGIS 9 including Windows, UNIX, and Linux.

Esri software will support Oracle Database 10g, Standard and Enterprise Editions. Oracle Locator is included with both the Standard and Enterprise Editions and the Oracle Spatial Option is available only as an extension to the Oracle 10g Enterprise Edition.

Support for Oracle 10g will be made available at the ArcGIS 9 release. For more information, visit

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