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Winter 2003/2004
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Data, Software, and Services Provided in Response to Users' Needs

Esri Business Partners Offer Comprehensive Range of Solutions

More than 1,500 companies worldwide partner with Esri to deliver a variety of value-added services and solutions to the GIS user community. In each issue of ArcNews, we are proud to highlight a few of these partners and the data, software, and services they provide. For a complete listing and description of all Esri Business Partners, visit


Intermap Technologies, Inc.
Intermap Technologies, Inc., is an ArcData Publisher Business Partner that offers a selection of digital elevation models and orthorectified radar image products that work with the Esri suite of software. Its terrain data products provide an accurate digital model of the shape of the earth's surface at an accuracy that serves a wide range of applications. Intermap Technologies' current coverage areas include Southeast Asia; Europe; and North, Central, and South America.

Aerials Express, LLC
Aerials Express, LLC, is a provider of seamless, two-foot, high-resolution, color orthoaerial photography of large metropolitan areas. Its coverage includes most major U.S. cities. It offers accurate and detailed photography compatible with Esri's ArcView software. The Aerials Express product allows users to search address locations, outline specific sites, and highlight landmarks. Its photography can be installed directly into a user's hard drive or network for easy viewing.

Easy Analytic Software, Inc.
Easy Analytic Software, Inc. (EASI), specializes in demographic data, easy-to-use demographic reports, and site selection analysis. EASI data can be used with Esri's product suite, and its staff members are experts at helping clients select the best data product to fit their needs. EASI also offers more than one million pages of free demographic reports. EASI licenses both its data and software for third party use. It maintains software and data for small area geography (block groups and census tracts) and other levels of geography (ZIP Codes, counties, etc.).


Visual Risk Technologies
Visual Risk Technologies offers VRiskMAP, an application developed with MapObjects. VRiskMAP is a software platform comprising an integrated system of databases, maps, and analysis and reporting modules. This integrated system provides a single source for integrating and managing environmental and transportation risk and emergency management applications. This technology combination has proven effective for emergency professionals by allowing them to produce detailed maps and reports quickly and easily while leveraging existing databases, applications, and GIS support.

@Last Software
SketchUp 3.0 is @Last Software's product that presents a new way to design in 3D on the computer. Developed for the conceptual stages of design, this software allows for 3D form creation, modification, and communication. SketchUp enables ArcView and ArcGIS 3D Analyst extension users to quickly create highly detailed three-dimensional models. Sophisticated enough for complex projects yet accessible for beginners, SketchUp allows everyone from architects to hobbyists to design in 3D.

Intelligent Decisions Systems, Inc.
Intelligent Decisions Systems, Inc., has developed Incident Manager, a Web-based GIS application using ArcIMS technology. Incident Manager helps emergency response managers map critical incidents and identify and map available material and human resources relevant to the incident type as well as track resource allocations, actions, messages, and status of the incident throughout its entirety. This application helps manage events throughout the course of an emergency while using GIS as a key decision support tool in the field and in the office.


GIS Planning, Inc.
GIS Planning, Inc., provides a suite of customizable Web-based GIS software products and solutions using ArcIMS. Its most recognized program is its Internet GIS economic development application, allowing users to perform GIS-based site selection, demographic, and business analyses. GIS Planning focuses on economic development, city planning, and public health application development. It can develop and host a user's application or install it on the user's server.

Global Marketing Insights, Inc.
Founded in 1997 by GIS sales and marketing specialists, Global Marketing Insights, Inc., assists clients in developing and implementing strategic, sales, and marketing plans and provides customized market research. Global's industry and technology experts examine market trends, product needs, and technology developments from the customer's viewpoint. By employing ArcView Business Analyst, Global's staff is able to gather insight on emerging markets, technology, and techniques in commercial business and government sectors.

FoundOnEarth is a California-based company that provides GIS services for the development of customized GIS applications, desktop tools, and decision support systems. FoundOnEarth utilizes ArcGIS suite of software and other products in its GIS solutions to make use of both the analytical strengths and information visualization of GIS technology. It also specializes in integrating GIS with statistical, geostatistical, and simulation models.

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