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Winter 2004/2005
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Supporting Developers With a Subscription Program

Esri Developer Network Introduced

Esri Developer Network logoEsri Developer Network (EDN) is a low-cost annual subscription-based program that provides developers with the software and resources needed to build a wide range of custom GIS solutions. The objectives of the EDN program are to provide developers with tools that increase productivity, reduce the cost and complexity of GIS development, and provide maximum opportunities for developers on the ArcGIS platform. The EDN team formally announced the program at the Esri Business Partner Conference February 13-15, 2005, in Palm Springs, California. EDN is available not only to Esri Business Partners but also to developers who want to incorporate GIS and mapping in their software applications.

What Is the Esri Developer Network?

Esri Developer Network is a licensed, developer-centric program with an annual fee per developer. EDN will provide developers everything needed to build solutions on the ArcGIS platform. Subscriptions will be available to end user developers as well as Esri Business Partners. Components of the EDN program include

EDN Software Library—EDN subscribers will receive the latest versions of ArcGIS Engine Developer Kit, ArcGIS Server, ArcIMS, and ArcSDE with a license that expires when their EDN subscription expires. The software included in the EDN subscription is for development and testing only. EDN does not include any rights for deployment or production use. When completed software applications are ready for use, the proper licenses need to be purchased from Esri or an authorized Esri Business Partner.

EDN Documentation Library—The EDN Documentation Library is a comprehensive help system that provides all the developer resources needed to be successful with ArcGIS. The EDN Documentation Library is a new system that allows the developer to install any part of the developer help system needed to solve a problem. The EDN Documentation Library will include all the resources for ArcGIS Engine, ArcGIS Server, and ArcGIS Desktop. There will also be resources for ArcSDE and ArcIMS. The goal is to provide a much more consistent help system so developers of one Esri product can easily transition to or simply investigate a new or different product. Because the EDN Documentation Library has its own setup, Esri will be able to provide incremental releases of the library-offering the most up-to-date resources for EDN subscribers.

EDN Web Site—The EDN Web site will be launched Q1 2005 as a tool to help build a global community of GIS developers. The EDN Web site will provide an easier way for the Esri development teams to share information with subscribers, such as code samples, technical articles, Webcasts, and e-mail alerts. However, the EDN site is more than just Esri sharing information with members; the EDN site will also promote peer-to-peer sharing.

As the Esri Developer Network is launched and is live online, Esri will provide users with updates on what Esri and developers are accomplishing.

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