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Winter 2004/2005
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Data, Software, and Services Provided in Response to Users' Needs

Esri Business Partners Offer Comprehensive Range of Solutions

More than 1,700 value-added resellers, developers, consultants, and data providers partner with Esri to deliver a variety of value-added services and solutions to the GIS user community worldwide. In each issue of ArcNews, we are proud to highlight a few of these partners and the data, software, and services they provide. For a listing and description of partners' offerings, visit the Esri Web site (


Pixxures, Inc.
In response to industry needs and the continued increase in outsourcing of hosting services, Pixxures has developed an expertise in capabilities centered on imagery and digital mapping information. Pixxures provides digital mapping products, services, and online delivery capabilities. Its WebPix WMS and ArcXML Web Services enable Esri ArcGIS Desktop, ArcExplorer—Java Edition, and ArcIMS users to bring dynamically orthorectified imagery that is mosaicked and projected into their applications with a simple HTTP call.

GeoTel Communications, Inc.
GeoTel Communications, Inc., provides telecommunications infrastructure data in a GIS. GeoTel's unique business strategy implements and converges the mapping of telecommunications fiber and other telecommunications infrastructure with GIS technologies. These two items integrated into one digital data set give leverage and insight into the competitive metropolitan fiber optic landscape across America, allowing for insightful business decisions.


Datastream Systems, Inc.
Datastream provides Asset Performance Management software and supporting services to more than 1,200 government organizations and 65 percent of the Fortune 500 companies. Datastream 7i, its flagship product, helps organizations improve the maintenance and operations of their assets through robust enterprise asset management tools, advanced analytics, and seamless integration via Web services with ArcIMS and ArcGIS Server. Datastream 7i provides a solution that increases workforce efficiency and lowers costs by pinpointing assets, streamlining departmental work flow, and creating consolidated views of asset location and history.

National Information Solutions Cooperative
An IT provider for the rural utility industry, the National Information Solutions Cooperative (NISC) provides core GIS functionality and integration for utilities utilizing ArcEditor, ArcSDE, and MapObjects applications. NISC's Visual Utility MapEdit, built utilizing ArcEditor and ArcSDE, provides unmatched power and flexibility for today's utility, while Visual Utility MapView is the tool for moving the GIS investment from engineering to many in the utility industry. Built utilizing MapObjects, MapView provides a lightweight, easy-to-use, and cost-effective alternative to traditional map books.


Destiny Resources
Destiny provides specialized GIS, data management, and design/development services to environmental, engineering, and regional planning projects. This includes providing a broad range of GIS and data services: designing and developing GIS systems (using ArcInfo, ArcIMS, or ArcView), geodatabases, data repositories, and public and project Web sites; integrating and automating complicated GIS and modeling processes; developing custom tools; and designing robust GIS and data serving environments.

Ptarmigan Software, Inc.
Established in 2001, Ptarmigan Software, Inc., provides consulting, customization, and custom application development to gas, water, and electric utilities using ArcGIS and ArcPad software platforms. Thirty years of experience in gas and electric transmission and distribution system engineering and information technology give Ptarmigan Software an advantage when developing enterprise GIS solutions.

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