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Winter 2004/2005
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Esri's Logo Is Out of This World

ORBIMAGE's OrbView-3 satellite was launched June 26, 2003, and is one of the world's first high-resolution optical imaging satellites. This satellite provides imagery with one-meter panchromatic (black and white) and four-meter multispectral (color) resolution.

click to enlarge"The Esri logo was placed on the launch vehicle because Esri represents one of our key partners," says Alex Fox, ORBIMAGE's vice president of Products and Solutions. "We work with Esri on a number of fronts to make our products more accessible to Esri's large user community. As part of Esri's Business Partner Program, we were one of the first members of the Geography Network."

Headquartered in Dulles, Virginia, ORBIMAGE is a leading global provider of Earth imagery products and services based on a constellation of digital remote sensing satellites and partnerships with aerial imagery suppliers.

Two ORBIMAGE satellites are currently operational. ORBIMAGE's OrbView-2 ocean and land multispectral imaging satellite was launched in August 1997. OrbView-2 was the world's first commercial satellite to image the Earth's oceans and land surfaces in color on a daily basis. OrbView-2 provides daily images of the world's oceans that facilitate the study of global warming and ORBIMAGE's growing oceanographic solutions business. OrbView-3 will have an operational life of seven years. Imagery from the OrbView-3 satellite has many applications including mapping, environmental and agricultural monitoring, land use and land classification, natural disaster assessment, and national security and forestry mapping.

"With Esri, we share a common vision of making our products and services more accessible to the user community through things like the Geography Network and ArcWeb Services," adds Fox. "The Esri logo was included as a symbol of appreciation and recognition of our mutual goal to develop and grow the high-resolution satellite imagery business."

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