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Winter 2004/2005
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Interactive Mapping by ArcIMS

Esri's Internet mapping technologies add geographic data and analysis to a multitude of applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways. See links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology at To be included, send a description of your mapping site and the URL to

Barrow Area Information Database—Internet Map Server
Barrow Area Information Database—Internet Map Server (BAID-IMS) is a prototype project developed for the Barrow Arctic Science Consortium (BASC) to enhance logistics and research planning efforts. The application provides access to current research information, remote sensing products, topographic maps, landownership, and local infrastructure to help facilitate science. In addition, BAID-IMS contains information about historical research conducted in the Barrow area in northern Alaska dating back to the 1940s. BAID-IMS was developed using ArcIMS under the Barrow Area Spatial Data Infrastructure initiative coordinated by BASC's Digital Working Group. BAID-IMS was created by the Arctic Ecology Laboratory at Michigan State University and Nuna Technologies under contract to BASC, which is supported by the Office of Polar Programs at the National Science Foundation.

The Harvard Geospatial Library
The Harvard Geospatial Library (HGL) is a catalog and repository of geospatial data materials held by Harvard University. HGL uses ArcIMS and enables users to search for relevant geospatial data sets and publications by defining a specific area of interest and using traditional library search terms. HGL provides enhanced metadata and database functions designed specifically for geographic information. Users can build a map online or download selected data sets for use in other systems. If the requested data is not available in the HGL repository, the user will be directed to the holding library.

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