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Winter 2005/2006

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Community and Land Services Highlighted in ArcIMS Sites

Esri's Internet mapping technologies add geographic data and analysis to a multitude of applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways. Links to these and other Web sites powered by Esri technology are at To be included, send a description of your mapping site and the URL to

Clearwater Interactive GIS Community Analysis
This ArcIMS site is a reporting tool that enables city employees and citizens of Clearwater, Florida, to create their own reports and analyze various community services and activities, such as crime, traffic, permits, occupational licenses, and planning cases.

Schuylkill Parcel Locator
The Schuylkill Parcel Locator provides around-the-clock access to the most current computer-aided mass appraisal (CAMA) and mapping data maintained by Schuylkill County, Pennsylvania. Users can search, query, and view appropriate CAMA-related information. In addition, the site provides access to photographs of the buildings that are captured by field assessors during the appraisal process. With this Web site, the county can provide data to citizens in a timely fashion without residents having to travel to the county courthouse to verify ownership information.

Southwest Finland Atlas for Land-Use Plans
This is a public mapping service that provides three kinds of land-use plans in southwest Finland: regional land-use plans, master plans, and detailed plans. This ArcIMS site is constantly updated and is part of Lounaispaikka, the regional geographic information service and network in southwest Finland. The site is in Finnish.

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