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Winter 2009/2010
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Get Full-Resolution Original Imagery and Terrain Data for Offline Use

DataDoors for ArcGIS: Geodata On Demand


  • DataDoors for ArcGIS lets users obtain the exact data they need.
  • The application is designed for users who need preprocessed data in offline applications.
  • Users can access a variety of data from various providers.

Advanced GIS work often requires original preprocessed imagery that can be more easily customized than cached tiles. DataDoors for ArcGIS allows users to explore and obtain this kind of data for offline use. This application, created by Esri and i-cubed, an Esri Business Partner, provides the source data used to create ArcGIS Online map services, in addition to extensive archives of data from major satellite vendors to use locally for analysis or offline applications.

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Seamlessly preview, purchase, and download original preprocessed data for offline GIS projects.

DataDoors for ArcGIS is Esri's marketplace for users to view and retrieve original full-resolution data. Instead of having to connect to the Internet and consume cached tiles, users can purchase a specific subset of the source data.

Currently, DataDoors for ArcGIS offers the raster data used for imagery, topographic, and elevation data available in ArcGIS Online map services, along with source satellite, aerial imagery, and terrain data from a variety of providers. In the coming months, the application will also provide access to vector datasets, such as streets, roads, boundaries, and parcels.

The flexibility of DataDoors for ArcGIS allows users to obtain the exact data they need by selecting the specific area of interest (AOI) and the format in which they need the data. Users may also download a toolbar extension for ArcGIS that allows them to seamlessly move an AOI created in ArcGIS Desktop to the DataDoors for ArcGIS Web interface for instant ordering.

Before selecting the data they would like to retrieve, users can view and compare the various datasets available in DataDoors for ArcGIS. Once they determine their AOI and select the type of data they need, users select the coordinate system and file format in which they would like to receive the data. To purchase the data, they simply enter either a credit card or PO number. Depending on the size of the order, users can download the data right away via FTP or have it shipped to them on DVD.

The source data and raw satellite imagery offered through DataDoors for ArcGIS is ideal for ArcGIS users that need to do imagery processing, photointerpretation, or other advanced GIS work that requires high-resolution data. Any users needing to utilize preprocessed data in offline applications can also take advantage of this easy-to-use application.

In addition to Esri datasets, DataDoors for ArcGIS provides access to satellite data from various data providers, including DigitalGlobe, GeoEye, and Spot Image, as well as aerial imagery from aeroGRID and Microsoft, and Intermap's terrain archive. Multiple datasets can be retrieved in one order within a single AOI. A unified interface that ties together multiple vendors makes it easy to explore and compare the various data. While searching for content, specific scenes and thumbnails can be viewed, along with the metadata from search results.

DataDoors for ArcGIS is powered by i-cubed's DataDoors, a system designed to manage geospatial data assets. As the imagery aggregator for ArcGIS Online, i-cubed provides image processing and delivery services to Esri.

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