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Winter 2009/2010
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"Mapping for Everyone"—Three Simple Ways to Make Maps for Free

Esri Brings GIS Power to the People with Mapping Web Site

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The Make a Map application on Esri's new Mapping for Everyone Web site allows anyone to create a demographic map and embed it in their own Web page.

Esri has launched a Web site ( mapping) that allows anyone to create maps for free with simple GIS tools. Called Mapping for Everyone, the Web site includes tools that cover a range of mapping needs, such as embedding an interactive demographic map into a Web site, creating custom applications using Web Mapping APIs, and using a 2D/3D globe viewer on the desktop.

Mapping for Everyone contains the following mapping resources:

  • Make a Map—The Make a Map feature includes a simple interactive Web map showing seven different U.S. demographic layers. Visitors can zoom in to an area of interest, select a demographic layer, then embed the map into their own Web pages simply by copying and pasting the automatically generated HTML.
  • Web Mapping APIs—Visitors can access or download ArcGIS Web Mapping APIs to make their maps. Web Mapping APIs allow users to develop rich, interactive applications using JavaScript, Flex, and/or Silverlight. The page includes step-by-step instructions for installing the APIs, samples to help visitors get started, free map layers, and a gallery of live user sites where visitors can get ideas from applications other people have built. Web Mapping APIs are free for external noncommercial use.
  • Virtual Globe—A third mapping option is ArcGIS Explorer, Esri's free virtual globe viewer. Using ArcGIS Explorer, users can explore the world in 2D and 3D using both their own data and free available data from the Esri Web site. In addition to the ArcGIS Explorer download, the virtual globe page gives visitors easy access to map layers that they can add to ArcGIS Explorer, such as topographic maps, shaded relief, and world transportation. Once visitors become familiar with ArcGIS Explorer, they can also visit this page to find free add-ins that extend the software's capabilities.

Mapping for Everyone includes a Community section where visitors can ask questions and collaborate with others. This section also provides access to Esri's ArcGIS Explorer and Web Mapping API blogs.

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