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Winter 2009/2010
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Egypt and Indonesia—Esri T-Shirts Get Around!

Claire M. Hay
photo of Claire M. Hay
Claire M. Hay, assistant professor of Geography, Earth & Atmospheric Science Department, Metropolitan State College of Denver, Colorado, packed her Esri T-shirt and went to Egypt, where she visited the Sphinx and the Pyramids and sailed on the Nile south of Luxor for five days.


Steve Brown
photo of Steve Brown
Steve Brown, GIS analyst, City of Overland Park, Kansas, and his family took a monthlong journey to Indonesia. One of their many stops was the active volcano Mt. Bromo in East Java. He says, "My wife and I met in Indonesia 33 years ago, and this was a return to our roots." Then he added, "I've been waiting for years to return and wear an Esri T-shirt!"

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Journey Also to Mongolia, Peru, and Mexico!

Peter Larkins
photo of Peter Larkins
  Peter Larkins, a GIS analyst supporting the U.S. Border Patrol, flew to Mongolia; toured the town of Ulaanbaatar for a few days; took a six-day Jeep tour into the country; and trekked on horseback into a high valley in the Khangai Mountains, about 250 miles east-southeast of the town. And to think he brought along his Esri T-shirt. Nice!
Jean Y. Fujikawa
photo of Jean Y. Fujikawa
  Jean Y. Fujikawa, operations planner/ analyst for the Oahu Invasive Species Committee, Pearl City, Hawaii, traveled all the way to Peru on vacation to see the Amazon Basin and Machu Picchu. Notice her Esri T-shirt in the foreground!
Matthew Traphan
photo of Matthew Traphan
  Bernard Traphan of the Redlands Institute at the University of Redlands, Redlands, California, snapped this photo of his grandson Matthew wearing an Esri T-shirt while meditating by the Pyramid of the Sun in the ancient city of Teotihuacan near Mexico City, Mexico.

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