ArcGIS Server Disseminates Geospatial Services

Esri's ArcGIS Server adds geographic data and analysis to Web applications that serve organizations and communities in a variety of ways. To submit your ArcGIS Server site address and view other Web sites powered by ArcGIS Server, visit

Honolulu Parcels and Zoning Viewer
Based on the Silverlight platform, Honolulu Parcels & Zoning is designed to be simple and fast, using cached services and no more than five dynamic layers. Map reports are packed with information and a dynamic location map with links to external databases that are refreshed nightly.

American Heart/Stroke Association
In conjunction with Stroke Awareness Month, this Flex API/ColdFusion-based application helps people find the nearest hospitals that specialize in stroke care.

Johnson County, Iowa, Property Information
The Johnson County, Iowa, Property Information Viewer provides Johnson County staff and the public they serve with quick and easy access to several years' worth of aerial photography, elevation data, flood hazard layers, and land records.

Show Me My City
Show Me My City was created by the Des Moines, Iowa, Information Technology department using Esri ArcGIS API for Flex, online samples, and custom code. Along with interactive tools, such as locators and searches, it provides easy access to base, zoning, parks/trails, and aerial maps.

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