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Free ZIP Code Lookup Gives the Scoop on Any Area in the United States


  • Get a free demographic snapshot of any ZIP Code in the United States.
  • Profile markets for more accurate targeting.
  • Take the analysis farther with Business Analyst Online.

The new ZIP Code Lookup tool allows anyone to enter any ZIP Code in the United States and quickly learn about the people who live in that area. The tool displays valuable demographic and market information, such as household type, income, employment, vehicle preferences, and leisure activities.

Once a user enters a ZIP Code, the browser-based Silverlight application instantly generates the top three Tapestry segments for that area. These segments are based on Esri's Tapestry Segmentation, a system for classifying U.S. residential neighborhoods into 65 unique market segments based on socioeconomic and demographic characteristics. The power of Tapestry Segmentation lies in the ability to profile and, therefore, more accurately target diverse markets.

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Enter any U.S. ZIP Code in the ZIP Code Lookup tool and find out demographic and lifestyle information for people living in that area.

The Tapestry segments provide portraits of the many and diverse U.S. consumer markets. For instance, the Laptops and Lattes segment is made up of middle-aged singles with bachelor and graduate degrees. They are primarily white, prefer to bank online, own iPods, and shop at Banana Republic. Urban Villages residents are in their early 30s; have some college education; and are primarily white, Asian, or Hispanic.

In addition to the Tapestry data, the ZIP Code Lookup tool also provides specific demographic information, such as household income, unemployment, and age and race/ethnicity breakdowns for specific ZIP Codes, along with the U.S. averages. The information is displayed in bar and chart diagrams, making it easy to quickly see how the area stacks up against the rest of the country.

All this valuable information is available for free through the application. It provides a quick overview of the people in an area, helping users get an idea of the marketability of a location or just learn more about the neighborhood. The tool can also easily be embedded on any Web site by simply copying and pasting the code provided in the application into a blog or Web page.

Those that want to get even more detailed analyses can utilize the browser-based, on-demand market analysis tool, Business Analyst Online (BAO). All the Tapestry Segmentation and demographic data used in the ZIP Code Lookup tool is available in BAO, along with consumer spending, business, and market data. BAO combines this data with GIS technology to deliver even more detailed information about various populations and their lifestyles and buying behaviors, as well as information about businesses in a specific market area. Users can perform drive-time analyses, evaluate sites, and identify their most profitable customers and reach more like them.

To learn more about BAO and sign up for a free trial, visit The Tapestry Segmentation and demographic data in the ZIP Code Lookup tool and BAO is also available for the iPhone or iPad with BAO for iOS. Download the free app today to get the information needed to instantly evaluate an area on the go. Visit for more information and to download the app.

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