Esri Partner Offerings

Esri has relationships with more than 2,000 partners globally that provide customer-focused, geoenabled solutions. These partners have extensive experience providing GIS solutions and services throughout core industries. Partner-provided solutions and services range from custom-built applications to complete ArcGIS system implementations. For a complete list and description of Esri Partners and their offerings, visit


Bartlett & West, Inc.
Solution or Service: Rail GIS Services
For more than 20 years, Bartlett & West has provided services to the rail industry, specializing in GIS and technology solutions to help further the industry and its use of geospatial data. Today, with a focus on Positive Train Control and other advanced needs of geospatial data, the company is developing solutions to increase efficiency and improve decision making within operations while supporting the rail industry with its information needs. In addition to serving the rail industry, Bartlett & West provides engineering solutions to government agencies, municipalities, private industry, and individual clients.


Carlson Software, Inc.
Carlson GIS 2012
Carlson GIS 2012 opens surveying, civil design, and land planning project information to all those who need it, connecting CAD-based designs and maps to the rest of the world via many different import/export options, as well as direct links. The newest aspect of Carlson GIS provides the tools to embed images from Esri Map Services directly within CAD files, helping users make planning and design decisions based on up-to-date information. The software gives users the ability to create a projection file (*.prj) based on their existing coordinate systems, which can then be used to correlate all their drawings with the ArcGIS system. With Carlson GIS 2012, Carlson survey and design data can be converted into a host of other formats and used outside the traditional CAD environment.

Government, Utilities, Emergency Management, Environmental

Wind Environmental Services, LLC
Wind Image Extension for ArcGIS
Wind Image extension for ArcGIS is a tool for processing and importing geotagged photos into ArcGIS. Wind Image provides the most complete set of photo management tools available for ArcGIS. Once the photos are processed into the geodatabase using Wind Image, embedded photos can then be viewed natively in the full suite of ArcGIS products. Additionally, Wind Environmental is an industry leader in mobile GIS, providing training and assistance for implementing and managing field data workflows of any size, assisting clients to build a complete GIS solution every step of the way.

Land Records

Mobile311, LLC
ConnectGIS—ArcGIS for Server Web Hosting
ConnectGIS is the easiest way for users to get GIS data online and looking great. The process is simple: Users send their data, and Mobile311 puts it online. The ConnectGIS viewer is easy to use and is a proven sixth-generation product used by municipalities throughout the United States. Included are a parcel comparable value tool; on-screen user markup; and various search, printing, and data export options. The software has been refined to be very intuitive for the non-GIS user, as well as provide powerful capabilities for GIS professionals. A self-hosted version of ConnectGIS is also available.

GIS Services

Futura Systems, Inc.
Mapping, Staking, OMS Services
GIS from Futura Systems uses 100 percent Esri technology as its GIS platform for mapping, analyzing, and managing assets, outages, work orders, and customer information. Futura is a complete solution for cooperatives with a geodatabase. Users enter their data a single time, eliminating time-wasting redundancy and building greater accuracy throughout their operation. Futura offers multiple solutions with one database and a totally integrated GIS for staking, asset management, damage assessment truck viewer, and outage management system.

Municipalities, Counties, Public/Private Sector

Midland GIS Solutions
Integrity GIS
Midland GIS Solutions has developed Integrity, an ArcGIS for Server web solution for cities, counties, government entities, and private and public organizations. Integrity lets users manage, analyze, and maintain infrastructure through a secure, user-friendly website that can be tailored to their exact specifications. By increasing operational awareness and efficiency, Integrity helps more than 20,000 monthly users save valuable time, money, and resources. With Integrity, users can update attributes and other map features directly from their websites, allowing collaboration with colleagues, field crews, and regulatory agencies. Integrity's capabilities include asset management, web-based map editing, tracking tax and sales histories, charting and reporting, sewer analysis, work scheduling, property record card creation, sign inventories, and much more.

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