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New Student Workbooks Complement Interactive Learning Approach

New single-course workbooks complement Esri's new teaching style. According to many educators, adults learn best when they can actively participate and solve problems in class and clearly understand how what's being taught relates to their jobs. Esri instructors have incorporated these ideas into a new course design and delivery system as described in the accompanying article "More Interactive Learning, Less Lecturing: Esri charts a new course in training."

Esri's content group, which develops course curriculum, has updated course materials to incorporate these adult learning principles and support the new teaching methodology. A new single workbook for each class replaces the separate lecture and exercise books previously supplied to students. The new workbook supplies supporting information related to all concepts, topics, and exercises included in each lesson with ample space for note taking. Depending on the concept or topic, supporting materials might be content from a slide the instructor presented, a workbook activity that reinforces a concept or topic such as a scenario-based question, a graphic representing a concept or topic, or text that summarizes key points. "We refer to it as a workbook because learners will actually work in it while taking their course," said Patty McGray of Esri's Educational Services.

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