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Share and use maps created in free online viewers

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In the latest version of ArcGIS Online, it is easy to design great-looking web maps to share with others, embed in a web page or blog, or use in web applications.

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ArcGIS Explorer Online is a map viewer that requires no local software installation and can be used to create presentations.

Two viewers are available from ArcGIS map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online. You can share and use maps created in these viewers with other ArcGIS clients such as ArcGIS Desktop and ArcGIS apps for smartphones. Both the ArcGIS map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online are free, and neither requires local software installation.

Add Pop-up Windows

Pop-up windows are great for conveying pertinent and detailed information about specific features. Information for pop-up windows can come from an editable layer created directly in the map or an existing service layer that has been added to the map. Different types of charts can be displayed in a pop-up window that supply additional information including related statistics.

When working with service layers that someone else has created and published, the feature-specific information is derived from the attribute set available in the map or feature service. Pop-up windows can be configured, but any text or formatting will apply to all pop-up windows. When working with a map service produced by the map author, the pop-up window configuration can be saved as a layer property so the pop-up windows are automatically enabled on other web maps that include that service. To learn how to enable and configure pop-up windows in ArcGIS viewers, visit the ArcGIS Online website and watch the tutorial videos.

Ability to Edit Layers

Add an editable layer to an ArcGIS web map by adding an existing feature service layer from ArcGIS Server or creating an editable layer directly in either the ArcGIS map viewer or ArcGIS Explorer Online.

Features from a feature service layer can be edited by anyone who has access to the map so both viewers can be used for crowdsourcing maps that capture feedback from many people and allow everyone to see all edits. Public-facing 311 web applications let citizens report potholes, graffiti, property damage, and other community problems. Images or photos that are uploaded are displayed in a pop-up window along with any additional information. To display more detailed information about certain features on a map without creating a feature map service, create an editable layer directly in the ArcGIS map viewer or ArcGIS Explorer Online.

Six symbol templates, organized by category, are available. After selecting a symbol template, simply click on the map location to add symbols. Customize symbols by choosing a different color palette or adding custom symbols referenced by a URL. To add descriptive information, use a map note pop-up window. Click the Edit button to add or remove features.

Adding features to a map is a great way to share information. By default, web maps created with the ArcGIS map viewer or ArcGIS Explorer Online are not shared. Share a map publicly so it can be embedded in a web page or blog, e-mail the map URL to your friends, or share it on Twitter or Facebook.

Maps can be shared publicly or with specific groups via ArcGIS Online. Shared maps can be copied and augmented by others to create a mashup—a powerful yet easy way to collaborate and create content that others will find useful. For specific information, visit the ArcGIS Online website to watch videos on this topic.

Configuring Time-Enabled Maps

Support for time-enabled maps, available with ArcGIS Server 10, has been added to the ArcGIS map viewer and ArcGIS Explorer Online. Web maps created with either application can publish a temporal service to a map directly in the viewer. These maps are in high demand, especially during natural disasters. In these situations, these maps are instrumental to personnel planning and managing response efforts as well as keeping the public apprised of news and developments. For more information on time-enabled maps, visit the ArcGIS Online website to watch videos on this topic.

Share Presentations Using ArcGIS Explorer Online

Easily share professional slide shows creatded using the new version of ArcGIS Explorer Online. Presentations can be shared via direct URL access. The easy interface in ArcGIS Explorer Online enables users to make dynamic interactive presentations in minutes.

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