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ArcUser magazine provides practical, technical information to help you better understand and keep current with GIS technology and make the best use of Esri software. Its articles illustrate best practices and innovative ways to meet new challenges and solve common problems. Articles address the specific needs of GIS managers, GIS developers, GIS technicians, and those who use GIS to improve business processes or perform research.

The print edition of ArcUser is available at no charge to registered users of Esri software in the United States who have subscribed. Send inquiries about subscriptions to the Esri Publications Team. Outside the United States, ArcUser is available online in HTML, digital magazine, and PDF formats. Sample datasets and other support materials referenced in ArcUser articles are also available from the ArcUser website.

Many articles in ArcUser are written by Esri software users. Read the publication guidelines, review the copyright policy, and note article submission deadlines before writing an article. Also, read these guidelines before contacting the editor about a proposed article. To suggest a story idea for ArcUser, send an e-mail to

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