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January 2011

Why GIS Matters in Facility Management

White Paper Documents How the Technology Helps Manage Space and Assets Throughout a Building's Lifecycle

IFMA facility management white paper, signup to download

PenBay Solutions LLC wrote this white paper about how GIS can be used for managing facilities, from selecting sites to developing emergency preparedness plans.

The International Facility Management Association (IFMA) released a new white paper that outlines the benefits of using GIS technology to manage buildings throughout their lifecycle. Geographic Information Systems (GIS) for Facility Management, free for download, explains how integrating GIS into operations assists in site selection, space and asset management, and emergency and disaster planning and response.

The white paper offers detailed information on a variety of topics including using GIS for

The paper also addresses how GIS can be integrated with applications such as computer-aided facility management (CAFM), integrated workplace management systems (IWMS), and building information modeling (BIM). A variety of real-world examples show GIS in action in many industries.

"GIS can be used throughout a facility's life cycle," says Shelli Stockton, facility management industry manager for Esri. "The technology is applied to selecting a site and designing and constructing a facility, managing space usage, maintaining the building, and ultimately closing or repurposing the facility. GIS is the only technology that provides mapping and analysis for any feature, whether for an individual asset or a campus of buildings."

The paper was written by PenBay Solutions LLC, a leader in applying GIS technology to managing the interior of facilities. The paper was sponsored by Manhattan Software, leaders in CAFM and IWMS software; Esri; and the IFMA Foundation. The foundation promotes research and educational opportunities for those working in the facility management profession.

Download your free copy of the white paper. Learn more about how GIS is used for facility and asset management.

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